VFX studio for ‘Black Sky’ files bankruptcy; film still slated for release in 2013

Oh, no. Rhythm & Hues (the special effects studio that did the award-winning Life of Pi) also has its hands in Black Sky? Terrible luck for the film. Comments over there, please.

the armitage effect


Richard Armitage in a scene from Black Sky. Courtesy of Todd Garner at Twitter

Thanks to Awkward Celebrity Encounters for sharing this link to The Wrap at Twitter:


This could answer the question as to why we haven’t heard much of anything new recently from Black Sky. Looks like there is still VFX work to do on the film, and someone else may have to do it.

I recently read another online article detailing the financial woes of many US-based VFX houses. While places like Weta Workshop in New Zealand are flourishing, others are being forced to close their doors.

Selfishly, of course, I just want to see Black Sky completed and in the theatres (well) before the end of this year. I am eager to Richard on the big screen as more than Thorin. But I also want to see the film completed properly. I want it to be…

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  1. […] didn’t know what an Oklahoman accent was.) We waited a long time on that film, in part due to video effects studio insolvency, which led to them splitting up the work. Pickups for the film added scenes to it, and that, along […]


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