Three Richard Armitage scenes I’m puzzling over at the moment

[I’m still grading, so I don’t have time to comment, but I’m at least putting them here. Hopefully to analyze later this week.]

~ by Servetus on March 3, 2013.

9 Responses to “Three Richard Armitage scenes I’m puzzling over at the moment”

  1. Seeing the scene with Thorin and Balin just makes me want that Blu-Ray DVD NOW! I’ve only seen it once in the theaters, and have been exercising the greatest patience to enjoy it in DVD format. Thanks for the reminder of how wonderful Thorin & Co. are!


  2. Not on topic, just wanted to pass on info: The Hobbit passed the one billion dollar mark in earnings 14 minutes ago..Congratulations to everyone who made it, and all of us who loved it and saw it multiple times. RA fans can take credit for a large portion of the grosses. Money well spent.


  3. Epiphany, eh? Well, I, for one, am anxious to know the connection that you are puzzling over! All three are emotionally powerful scenes, that’s for sure. Finish grading those papers already! 🙂


  4. Oh crikey…such powerful scenes! And Lucas…makes me cry every time 😦


  5. Well, they seem to be about moments that change the character’s trajectory. I think the first is when Porter finds out the truth about the deaths that he was blamed for causing. He makes the choice to forgive, if I recall (it’s been disabled) and is freed of a burden.
    The second is when Thorin is given the key, which makes him commit to the quest for Erebor. He could have chosen to abandon the idea, since there was no burglar and no hope of success but because of the key he makes the choice to go on. He shoulders a burden.
    And the third is when Lucas/Bateman finds out that all his machinations were for nothing, and that Maya died for nothing. He makes a choice to end his own life instead of Harry’s — so in a way I guess he either shoulders the burden of dying, or lets go of the burden of living an unendurable life.


  6. Some of my fave scenes too! I think RA is great in all of them. The Strike Back one is particularly moving, the more so because he, at last, forgive the man who ruined his life. And RA can, with some trick of his eyes, perfectly describe hell turned quiet, peace, because at last he knows the truth.
    The dialogue with Balin was the scene that really got me to love The Hobbit. I understood Thorin would become a great character in that moment.
    The Spooks one… well, I refuse to watch S09 but yes, I watched the very final scenes. And that scene with Lucas and Harry was perfect. His choice amends him, he chooses to spare a life because he knows everything is lost, so vengeance would be futile. I’m sorry for his death and don’t buy the plot, but this scene is great.
    May I suggest another one? When Thornton understand that Mr. Hale is dead and knows that Margaret will go away from Milton. When he sit with Higgings and bite his hand… [oooof] well… Realization that his only hope of love in life is definitively lost. Pure anguish.
    RA is a highly underrated actor.


  7. The Porter/Collinson breaks me every single time I watch it.


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