*spoof* of the day: The Spawn of Evil

Check out Guylty’s first FanstRAvaganza 4 post! Comments over there, please.

Guylty Pleasure

Dear Readers,

welcome to the long-awaited, fantabulous FanstRAvaganza 2013. For the coming week myself and countless A___ fans all over the world will be blogging on all aspects Armitageois in an effort to raise R___ A___ ‘s profile while providing lots of food for fun and thought for his devoted fans. You can follow the blogging event on the specially created hub fanstRAvaganza.com where all the posts will be collected in one spot. I myself am cross-posting my contributions here on my specially-created WordPress blog, as well as tumblr. Please show *all* participants a bit of love and leave a message – or click love, like, ❤ to show your appreciation.


Maybe FanstRA is the opportunity to do something slightly different with my *ooof*s for a change. Usually they are pretty dour: Analyses of A___ images, peppered with photographic jargon and only for the icing doused with a bit…

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~ by Servetus on March 11, 2013.

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