Coupla things while our lawyers check the next bit of the drone transcripts …

First, it’s Day Two of FanstRAvaganza 4. Check out all the posts here.

Next, Guylty has a fantastic commentary on the Cold Feet publicity photos at her wordpress blog, here.

And finally, looks like there’s a new Armitage blog, Life and Times of a Richard Armitage Addict, here. Welcome to the blogosphere!


~ by Servetus on March 12, 2013.

7 Responses to “Coupla things while our lawyers check the next bit of the drone transcripts …”

  1. Thanks for the welcome Servetus! It’s really great to finally discover the other side of Armitage blogging 🙂


  2. Thank you for the day’s guide to Fanstra posts!


  3. I was just wondering… what are your thoughts on his answer to this 1st interview question?

    I don’t know why it bothers me some. Maybe bc he said he didn’t want to be a “fat dude”. I got that he was making fun of himself by calling himself incredibly vain. But even after Martin says he could gain 20 and still not be fat, he insists he’d rather shave the head.

    I *think* he lost almost that for his Lucas North role, and he gained some for John Porter, but that was all muscle. He didn’t say “I’ve tried to gain before and it’s really hard”. I don’t know why but his answer bothers me. Is it my own fat phobia? He is usually VERY careful to not say anything that ANYONE could take the wrong way. What are your thoughts?


    • Thanks for the comment, Amy, and welcome. I think maybe you linked the wrong interview here?

      We’ve talked over the Cinemaxx interview a few times, and what you think he was saying depends on what you think he understood of what he was being asked. My personal opinion is that he didn’t understand how much 20 lbs was (he asks Freeman, and Freeman’s joky answer doesn’t help). And yes, you’re right, a stone is not that much less than 20 lbs (what he lost to play Lucas, and probably what he gained in muscle to play Porter).

      However, I also thought he was poking fun at himself when he said he was “incredibly vain,” while some people feel he was being literal.


      • I’m so sorry – I don’t know why the link was wrong. But yes that was the one I meant. Ok I did not realize a Brit wouldn’t necessarily know how much 20 lbs is.

        Bc *I* am 20 lbs over and I’s be very upset to be called fat! I’m just a little fluffy,….


        • He says, “what is 20 lbs” which I take to be a real question, i.e., he doesn’t know exactly. That seems plausible to me. Britain uses metric weights, and he’s about my age, which means he would have learned them in school when they were introduced.

          We’ve spent so much time talking about this question lately I wonder if I should blog about it …


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