No name yet, but we have a pope …

I’m on pins and needles. But to me it’s a promising sign that it went this quickly.

~ by Servetus on March 13, 2013.

14 Responses to “No name yet, but we have a pope …”

  1. Well, since I’m Italian I’m interested, since Vatican City decide so much about our lives. But I don’t expect great changes and still have to understand the real reasons behind retirement of B xvi. I have bad feelings about everything 😦


    • A fast election is usually a sign that there’s a lot of consensus among the cardinals, and that’s a generally good thing for the church administration and functionality of its institutions. (What it means for the church at large is another question, of course. I don’t think Benedict was that great of a pope, frankly, doctrinally.)

      I’m a Jew, but I teach this stuff, so I’m fascinated …


      • Yes, Benedict was a utterly poor Pope. In every respect. The Italian candidate, Scola, has a bad reputation, so I hope he won’t be him but then, the only one I really liked was Joan Paul I and he lasted less than a month. He could have change history, could have change my Country. We (and he) had not such a luck.


        • I sort of barely remember that … I think I was in fourth grade. I remember the scandal when he died so quickly.


  2. Pope Francis — the first Francis, the first Jesuit, the first non-European. During his speech, he seemed like a down to earth type of person. My heart smiled when he said, “We will see one another soon.”

    My prayers go out to him as he starts this long journey … let’s hope he has the support to have a positive impact.


  3. I watched the announcement and his first public appearance . He seems like a nice guy, very laid back. I loved hearing that he used to ride the bus to work in Argentina! Seems like he was a good choice


    • Given the possibilities on the table, I thought they did really well. I was very happy they picked a non-European (even if his ancestors are Italian).


  4. The fact that he comes from a country which has its fair share of poverty and the choice of the name Francis (I assume a reference to Francis of Assisi–the wealthy man who gave up all his worldly possessions to serve God and his fellow man) makes me hopeful that the Church will begin placing more emphasis on battling the sin of greed and its companion sin of turning a blind eye to the poor. THESE are the critical social issues that need to be addressed, instead of issues regarding individual choices, which are so divisive among Catholics.
    Sorry if this got a bit too political, but I think poverty is a horrific affront to human dignity which requires urgent attention from political and religious leaders.


  5. As a Latina I’m certainly proud of the choice of a South American, and waiting to see more of Francis, but hoping for good things of course.


  6. Hi, I´m from Buenos Aires – Argentina, the same city where the new pope is from, and here he´s well known for his good acts for the poor, also I like so much the name that he chose, San Francisco of Asis is a graet model to follow.


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