Fanfic spotlights — policy statement

How to write about fanfics I particularly love and read over and over again?

After wrestling with this question for three years, I’ve decided that I’m going to start writing in detail about fanfics that I find particularly meaningful. I don’t know how often. Irregularly. Probably as particular fics appeal to me.

A lot of fic writers who have been featured here in the last three years already know that your fics have meant a great deal to me. I’ve tried to express that to you personally, and in some cases, by interviewing you. I will probably still do some of that, particularly for authors of long-running fics without much mature content. I hope you still feel loved, even as my format for discussing this aspect of the fandom changes. I may still go back to some of those in this new format, as they continue to have meaning for me.

I know it’s easy to infer that if I say I love x, that means I don’t love y. Such is not the case. I sometimes read and enjoy things about which I just find I have nothing lengthy to say. Please don’t assume that if your fic isn’t featured in one of these, however, that I don’t love it. Like most of this blog, what I do on any particular day will be heavily arbitrary. As usual, I’m writing out of what strikes me on any particular day. And as always, do feel free to tell me about fics you’re writing. I don’t promise to comment on them, but if I do like them, I will say so either here or elsewhere, as I have time to read them.

At the moment, a lot of what I am reading includes RPF, explicit sex, and slash. Posts will be labeled in the subject heading according to the “maturity” level of the story in question and passworded as necessary with the PW “fanfic.”

When commenting on these posts, please keep this in mind: As someone wise taught me recently, stealing someone’s energy or joy because that makes you feel good is the equivalent of physical theft. I will defend this realm aggressively against both energy vampires and happiness thieves.

~ by Servetus on March 14, 2013.

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