Richard Armitage, Blu-Ray salesman …

Dear Mr. Armitage,

You may remember that for you I bought a region-free DVD player.

I was planning to avoid the whole Blu-Ray thing. I really was.

But now, for you, I bought a drive to make my computer play Blu-Ray media …

I know I am not the only one.

You might want to have your agent negotiate some kind of royalty or commission on this with the major manufacturers.


Your friend and admirer,



untitled-139Cap from DarkJackal.

~ by Servetus on March 19, 2013.

27 Responses to “Richard Armitage, Blu-Ray salesman …”

  1. We have just been given an xbox by my brother that plays them so I have ordered it in blu ray though it does not arrive until 8th April 😦


  2. If only I could buy that Best Buy Blu-Ray with specials I could be happy. And the Vudu Edition. I have a lap-top that read br. But no, it’s impossible from Europe. Why they don’t sell them in Europe? I need those Bonus Videos, I need them. Because of reasons. 😛


    • yeah, it’s infuriating. And they would save themselves so much pirating if they just made it available the same day everywhere.


      • Exactly! Can’t understand these people. They deserve piracy, really. Luckily someone posted it on youtube but of course quality isn’t perfect. I’m very happy to be able to watch it but I’d like to have the dvd myself (and the 4 Vudu bonus… that I found nowhere since now. There is a specifically entitled Thorin featurette but no, I can’t buy it because I’m not in the Usa. argh!).


  3. You know what? I found myself contemplating the same thing. Ridiculous. I am cracking up. But must investigate whether Blu-Rays can play on my son’s Xbox…


    • Guyity, if it isn’t the newest generation Xbox it won’t play Blu-rays. PlayStation 3s, however, are Blu-ray capable, which is what I am planning to watch on. I just asked my resident technogeek and he confirmed that. 😉

      Personally I live in vain hope they will consolidate all this stuff into the Extended Edition. Not holding breath, of course. *sigh*


      • Ooops, missed your comment here, Fedora. Ah, have to check that with sonny. His xbox is brandnew, though… Oh the temptation… I might even be able to pass off this BluRay as a present for my daughter’s upcoming birthday *andshebreaksintoherevillaughagain*


  4. I’ll be using my son’s Blu-ray player for the Hobbit copy I’ve ordered. I didn’t know you could buy a special drive for the computer…..something else I didn’t know I needed. 😉

    BTW has anybody received their “Staged” DVD yet?


  5. Hubby is the Great Anticipator. 😉 He *knew* that I’d want the Blu-ray version of this when it came out. So, for my birthday last month, he got me a Blu-ray player. And the EE of the LotR Trilogy on Blu-ray, just so we could make sure the player worked, of course. 😉


    • I’ll confess that I (cough) have seen the blu-ray edition via (coughs even louder) and it looks fantastic. However, I want all these little additional thingies …


  6. I haven’t received my copy of Staged either, but I trust Mr. Denison.


  7. **anxiously awaiting delivery of Blu ray**
    Can I just say how much I love that picture ?


  8. This will be a rather expensive birthday gift…ah..what the hell, my hubby is worth every penny ..and I like to fulfills his dreams! 😉


  9. PS Love your new header! (It’s probably been there for ages and I haven’t noticed it before.)


  10. […] weekend after reading a post over at Me + Richard Armitage, I decided to purchase this region free DVD by Sony from Amazon.  I had been thinking about buying […]


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