New Armitage blogs

Many of you will already have noticed these because of FanstRAvaganza 4 (the first three were new for F4), but for those who haven’t please make note and welcome our new fellow WP bloggers. The biggest incentive to keep blogging at the beginning for many new bloggers can be knowing that someone is reading and enjoying, so leave a comment as well.

Life and Times of an Armitage Addict

Musings of a Wandering Duck


Obsessive Behavior

~ by Servetus on March 20, 2013.

8 Responses to “New Armitage blogs”

  1. Reblogged this on Gagif and commented:
    I’m new to the army. And FanstRA4 made me feel belong in the blogsphere. I have read some of entries in FanstRA 1-3 and… all I can say is… we are so many… the blogs for Richard Armitage keeps popping up and we’re following suit to you Servetus… ^__^


  2. Thanks for the mention, Servetus! I must admit I was inspired by the FanstRAvaganza blogs. So much RA love.


  3. Thanks Servetus! FanstRA 4 was so amazing.And I’m really happy to be a part of the WordPress division of the Army 😛


  4. It’s wonderful to see my friends’ new blogs featured in yours. I wish there was no distinction made between all the branches of the Army, since we are all united in a common goal. Well, more of an obsession, really! Ga is one of our leaders over on Tumblr, so I cannot let her get away with such modesty. She has done (and still does) much to anchor the RArmy and promote Richard’s work. Thank you for being so kind, Servetus!


    • It’s not so much my desire to make divisions as the fact that I am quite simply overwhelmed by tumblr. As I’ve said repeatedly, I don’t especially like the interface. And I couldn’t list all the new ones that appeared even if i did it every day! Finally, they can be easily found via tumblr’s own search capacity. A new blogger has different obstacles — and this is just my partial, insufficient attempt to try to help them out by drawing attention to what they’re doing.


      • I understand, and was floored to see your next post. Oh, my gosh, you reblogged something from my blog!!! Right away I finally fully understood the meaning of ‘verklempt’. Are you familiar with Saturday Night Live at all? The show used to be WAY better than it is now, and the old roster of comedians is quite impressive. Seeing your generous reblog reminded me of this skit, which is now considered one of the best in the show’s history. I don’t know if the humor will translate, but the word ‘verklempt’ is used. I hope it makes you laugh!


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