Richard Armitage’s worst professional injury, CATS 1994-5, and where they are now

I know this isn’t a new picture from Sydney — like everyone, I’ve followed the stream of pictures and interviews with pleasure — but I thought this might be interesting.

I hadn’t heard the story before about Armitage’s worst injury while on the job, but once I heard it, I could place it, based on this program from the CATS tour. This is apparently the program from 1995, when it was at New London Theater, Drury Lane, although at least one source says that by the time this program appeared he had left the cast. I don’t know a lot about this, but Jonia’s post links to an expert who compiled CATS cast lists who says that Armitage had left the cast by that time. This source lists Armitage’s presence in the show from October 1994-May 1995.

Anyway, what interested me was the context in which he injured himself. I got the cap below from Jonia as well. Click to enlarge and read the last line of Richard Armitage’s bio.



Tomorrow’s World was a long-running science / technology program in the UK.


Given the mood I’ve been in lately about old pictures, I thought it would be interesting to learn “where they are now” for the rest of these people. They all seem to be roughly the same age now — very late thirties to early forties.

Clare Burt has had a successful career on UK stages and is most well-known to television viewers for appearing in The Bill (a long-running British police series). With romantic partner Larry Lamb, an actor, she had two children in the 2000s.

Vikki Coote has enjoyed a successful career as a dancer and choreographer, with many credits to her name; perhaps the most visible appearance as a dancer with Kevin Spacey in Beyond the Sea (2004). She is currently a principal and dance teacher at We’ve Got Talent in London and continues to be active in choreography in the UK.

Danny Crossley, like Richard Armitage, went on stage early in life, and continued on to an extremely busy career in musical theater. He has a slightly dated fansite here.

Belle Dowson appears to have disappeared from the stage scene if google’s answers to my questions are correct; while this database is generally not complete, CATS is her only credit and 1993 tour is the last oneThis source lists her as in the production above from May – November 1995.

Wonder what they all think about CATS now?

~ by Servetus on May 1, 2013.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s worst professional injury, CATS 1994-5, and where they are now”

  1. Hmmm, that’s interesting. I had forgotten about that credit for Tomorrow’s World. Sounded like a potentially nasty injury for , what–10 pounds a day?
    Wonder if he stays in touch with any of his old dance mates.

    And he didn’t completely discount doing a musical . . . oh, Mr. A, what a fascinating guy you are.


  2. Breaking into and stealing cars….and cutting his wrist. Nice find. Interesting about the other cast members. I remember one of those newspaper features about “new British talent” that showed RA with a group that included Archie Panjabi, who has done so well on The Good Wife here in the U.S.


  3. Tomorrow’s World indeed! I used to watch that regularly but can’t remember if I was still watching it in 1995.


    • I had researched this at some point earlier — apparently some pieces of Tomorrow’s World can be viewed but others can’t. Unsurprising, it lasted so long. It’s also in a category w/Dr Who in that big pieces of its archive are only available because some devoted viewer VHSed them.


  4. Thanks for the connection between today’s interview and this old „Cats“ leaflet. I remember reading it before but it’s neat to get the context to Richard’s “new” remark. Wow, good service, Serv!


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  6. […] has the NHS. Just as unemployment rates drop in 1996, he auditions for and enrolls in LAMDA. He pays the expenses with money made from touring with CATS in 1994-5. He spends 1996-8 in drama school, apparently eking out his budget over Christmas by playing the […]


  7. […] added to my picture today confirms is that had he loved it, a career would have been there for him. Checking up on the people he was in Cats with suggests that most of them went on to successful, if n…. However, it’s interesting that his statements about it became more forceful in the years […]


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