All around the world

After a bad weekend, even now the weather warnings are falling fast and furious from Oklahoma. Tornado films starring my hero notwithstanding, tornadoes are no joke. Praying for the safety of any readers there and my friends.

And in New Zealand, Peter Jackson posted a bittersweet message on his FB page regarding the “last pickups for a Hobbit film” and this photo., and promised a blog “soon.”


Praying for health, safety, artistic challenges and lots of fun for Mr. Armitage and, of course, everyone else involved, too.

~ by Servetus on May 20, 2013.

4 Responses to “All around the world”

  1. I agree with the bittersweet message… I’ve always wanted to go to Middle Earth and despite the fact that it’s “not real”, my last chance is NOW. The 7-year-old inside me is saying “charge a trip on your credit card. GO.” And I have to admit, it’s tempting. That is one persuasive 7-year-old. :}

    Also definitely praying for all who have been or are now being hit by weather… horrible. I have panic issues with tornadoes. (shudder)


  2. The bad weather is awful and I feel for everyone who has had the tornadoes. This past week in Northern Wisconsin there was a 9,000 acre forest fire that burned 19 homes and the forest. I know 2 of the families that have loss there homes and everything inside. There was no loss of life that I know of. Prayers to all who have bad weather and fire in the past week.


  3. Stay safe everyone and take care!!!


  4. Thanks for all the kind comments and prayers. Let’s hope Middle Earth is spared an unpleasant winter.


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