Solidarity, and a hug from the Universe

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Autistic Wordpainter

As I’ve discussed before in other diatribes, I suffer from a pretty robust case of writer doubt and I don’t really have any answers about where it came from.  I mean, when I was a child, you could not have talked me out of the idea that I was the Next Big Thing.  It’s sort of stunning how massive my ego was when I was, say, eleven.  Especially when I consider that by the second semester of my freshman year at ASU, I was swearing I’d given up writing fiction because I had no talent for it.

But I’m not here to engage in another one of those moment of self-pity over my uncertainties.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  This is one of those moments when the universe noticed that I was lost inside the struggle to recognize the relevance of my work, and gave me not just a…

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~ by Servetus on May 24, 2013.

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