Richard Armitage fashion forward for London summer 2014?

We’ve known for some time that Ilaria Urbinati is dressing Richard Armitage (and doing extremely well at it most of the time, in my opinion). She’s U.S.-based and may pay more attention to New York City and Los Angeles than London. But I had to laugh when thinking of Richard Armitage in light of this report last week about the London catwalk shows for casual spring / summer 2014 menswear.

I know I’ve given Mr. Armitage a fair amount of crap in the past for his fashion choices, but slowly, I think he may be catching up or even pulling into the fashion lead.

Admittedly, this wasn’t my first impression on reading the piece. “Leading the way,” the article said, was unisex fashion, especially a halter top for men by JW Anderson. Could you see this on Richard Armitage?

Menswear: JW Anderson 2An unknown male model with minimal biceps.

Mr. Armitage definitely has the shoulders, though his biceps and triceps might interfere with the delicate look of the piece.

rh203_103Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood 2.3. Source:

But would a silky halter top really prevent chafing from armor? In honor of that outfit, I think we’d have to ask a new question: WGWT? or “Would Guy wear this?”

[And yes, although it’s not the explicit theme of the article, that picture and other information in it suggest we’re headed back in the direction of the full break trouser, which is really not Armitage’s best look.]

Second big insight from the article: the denim jacket is back! According to the author: “The item proved irresistible to Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, despite an Edwardian theme, and there were a few dotted along the front row. This is a sure sign that it is a trend that has legs (or should that be arms?) but buy carefully. The way to make this classic high fashion is all about the silhouette. Your denim jacket next spring should be boxy. Anything else is ordinary.”

Servetus is excited! Shades of high school and getting kissed with her rear pressed up against the still-warm hood of a late 1960s/70s car! But she doesn’t think this jacket quite qualifies as boxy, even if comes with such a sweet look (and /or a ring).

coldfeet_072Lee (Richard Armitage) asks, “Will you marry me even though my denim jacket’s two decades out of date?” in Cold Feet. Source:

But even if Armitage’s behind, the fact that he’s wearing that jacket means that it’s definitely not ordinary.

As the article continued, though, I realized that, a few blind spots aside, Richard Armitage is truly a fashion forerunner. Fourth insight from the article: Army surplus is back! This is something Servetus can get really thrilled about. Especially woodland camo BDUs (sorry, I know they’re not called BDUs anymore; but that’s what they were called when I was in college and the ROTC guys wore them almost every Thursday). I’d love to see more of this.

ep1_243Richard Armitage as John Porter in Strike Back 1.1. Source:

Oh, wait. I guess it doesn’t count as Army surplus if you’re in the Army when you’re wearing it …

Moving on, the article notes, “Rag & Bone’s collection brought back the combat trouser.” I’m sorry, unknown fashion reporter, you’re wrong about that. It was John Porter who brought back the combat trouser — for Spring / Summer 2010.

SBPromo-19Richard Armitage as John Porter in a promotional image for Strike Back. Source:

Aside from holding a gun, that thigh holster thingie assures that the combat trouser never goes away from Porter’s body or our minds. Except in naughty fanfiction.

Fifth insight from the article — skinny jeans are out: “Almost every look at Topman Design featured wide-legged, high-waisted shapes …. It’s perhaps a hard sell straight off the catwalk, but the new shape does suggest that trousers so tight they constrict circulation are a thing of the past. And that’s something we can all smile about.”

What all of “us” are you talking about?

RAandJamieEdwards-MagicFM-2Richard Armitage plays foozball with Jamie Edwards, March 2013. Source: One of my favorite skinny jeans pictures. One of many.

Speak for yourself, random fashion reporter! But, in fact, we’ve already seen Armitage this spring in a straight-leg jean.

RAandDanVossDan Voss and Richard Armitage, Sydney, May 1, 2013. Source:

Tip, Mr. Armitage — J Brand, who made those jeans — congratulations on a stylish, affordable jeans choice, by the way, under $200 US retail for most styles — also makes a boxy cut denim jacket. Time to consider broadening the horizons of your leather and wool outerwear?

It’s good to know that at times, Richard Armitage is already on or ahead of trend. As with his accessories. The reporter writes that strong accessories are the entry point to the best catwalk look, noting, “[i]t’s all in the detail – a contrasting sole is a great way to jazz up a desert boot next season.”

I should have written a post this spring called “Richard Armitage and the contrasting sole. Instead, I now give you —

Exhibit A: the sneakers from Tokyo …

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 1.50.38 PM

Exhibit B: Converse sneaks from Fall 2012 …

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 1.53.02 PM

and, Exhibit C: the Hugo Boss boot from Sydney. All with contrasting soles!

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 1.04.49 AM

But I am slightly concerned about this other choice. Does this count as a contrasting sole?

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 1.26.38 PMThorin Oakenshield’s (?) boot, in sneak peak trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. My cap.

I guess we’ll have to look more closely for the bottoms of Thorin’s feet when the movie comes out. Such a chore!

Well, no matter. Fashion moves ever onward, and Richard Armitage is always on the cutting edge of shoe style. We have lots to look forward to here, if the trend continues, as the article states, “Tom Ford, that master of precision, had slippers and short trousers to show off the ultimate accessory – the manankle.”

TI1_042Preview of coming attractions? Claude Monet’s ankle (played by Richard Armitage’s ankle) in episode 1 of The Impressionists. Source:

Indeed, Mr. Armitage has known about sandals and leg-baring footwear since the beginning of his career, even if he hasn’t always been able to show as much ankle as he might have liked.

Cleopatra-17Richard Armitage as Epiphanes in Cleopatra. Source:

Finally, the article turned to high street fashion (“high street”=”main street” for U.S. readers — that’s stuff available in the big retail stores at affordable prices), and here, too, Richard Armitage has turned out to be a forerunner. The article says, “high-street shops, where most men actually spend money, were also in fine voice.  Marks & Spencer debuted its high-end Best of British range for autumn. With Prince of Wales, pinstripe and dog’s tooth tailoring, there’s a slick tweed Barbour-style jacket that should be on the wishlist of all discerning men come September.”

Like a zombie, I of course clicked on the M&S link to see what qualifies as “best of British” for the mass market male consumer in England. Remember, the goal of this style is getting a £4,000 suit for £800, which means not only more affordable styling features (all machine producible) but also different, more affordable fabrics and so on. But what did I find here?

First, an emphasis on fabric patterns from the M&S archives (I love that a retailer has a fashion archive!) that look traditionally British:

Marks-Spencer-06-GQ-17Jun13-b_426x639From M&S catwalk show for summer 2014 menswear.

Which is a sort of double-breasted echo of this, but maintains the similar fabric pattern and the retro peaked collar:

'the hobbit: an unexpected journey' film premiere, new york, america - 06 dec 2012, ,Richard Armitage, NYC premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, December 6, 2012. Source:

M&S also wants to bring back the British brown shoe — which Armitage had on in a half-boot version with that suit, not that I was enlarging pictures to look or anything.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 4.18.04 PM

And, again in the shoe department, M&S is featuring the two-tone wingtip with contrasting top-stitching.


A gaudier or ironic version of something Armitage wore two years ago, already!

NYC-14Richard Armitage, NYC premiere of Captain America: The First Avenger, July 20, 2011. Source:

That Armitage, he really is a master of shoe style.

Finally — the most cheering thing about its coverage of high street fashion was the article’s statement about male facial hair, which they illustrated with the photo below.

Menswear: John Lewis

The author writes, ” John Lewis’s presentation on Saturday was slick and included models with beards (very now).”

Oh, yes. Beards are very now. Especially when I can dream about them grazing my face.


Richard Armitage did note his belief that beards would come into style after the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey — though his prediction about beards for women has remained so far unfulfilled. But don’t you think that the long hair and beard above, sported by the John Lewis model for high street fashion, is simply a trickle down for the mass market of the amazing success of this much more impressive, high fashion beard?

29-Thorin-EWiPad-July2012Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in a promotional photo for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Unavoidable conclusion: it’s not just the shoes, it’s not just the suits — it’s the beard, as well! Richard Armitage has now become a fashion forerunner, a man to watch!

I don’t think he has any summer 2014 red carpet appearances planned, but what might he be wearing for that special occasion in the off season, assuming he’s in the northern hemisphere again?

Richard Armitage: fashion plate.

Especially the point about the beard is so gratifying.

~ by Servetus on June 23, 2013.

48 Responses to “Richard Armitage fashion forward for London summer 2014?”

  1. Love this! RA has great style sense. But let’s hope his stylists don’t try to put him in a halter top. Ha!


  2. LoL! RA and fashion – a never ending story … Very well elaborated! Thank you.


  3. I think you should submit your fashion piece to Vogue or maybe Menswear Daily. Very amusing and well researched article. Two thumbs up and a snap. I live in a fashion free zone so I never see these looks on real men (except for RA on line, and then we can ask ourselves “is he his real self when he is wearing this stuff?). But I digress, loved your article. You rock. My beard is coming in quite nicely.


  4. This hand made brogue slipper would be perfect for Mr Armitage . They are fashion forward and comfy :-).


    • Wow, L, those are excellent. You should tweet that at Ilaria Urbinati 🙂


      • Will do! (once I have secured a pair for myself – as an alternative to ballerinas when I want to wear flats at work).

        I love your fashion-posts pre- and post Ilaria (she has been good for him). I will go and re-read some of the old ones.


        • aaaw, thanks. I also think she’s been good for him. It’s not just the clothes, it’s like he has the authority of knowing he’s correctly dressed now.


  5. Even I wouldn’t wear that halter-top, or the pants that go with it for that matter!

    There’s something about Richard’s shoes that make my heart flutter, especially the converse! I never realized I had a shoe fetish, although I’m not sure it’s a shoe fetish if the shoes must be on the lovely Mr. Armitage’s feet. *Sigh*


    • I might wear the haltertop if I had Richard Armitage’s pecs …

      I’ve always liked shoes, but I think what’s sold me on him + shoes is that even while he was getting most of the other stuff he wore wrong, he always, always got the shoes right. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a pair of shoes that he didn’t rock. So probably it does have something to do with his unique feet 🙂


  6. Love it! 😀


  7. Erm, yes. Fashion pictures. How nice ….. hmmmm ……………….. where was I? *looks around* Did someone say something? *blinks* Fashi …. oh,heck! ARMITAGE! 🙂 There are clothes? Hmmmm…. He doesn’t have to wear anything as far as I am concerned. *mops up drool*


    • well, the point of putting on clothes is taking them off. For better or for worse, we don’t get totally naked pictures of Armitage in the press. 🙂


      • Who said anything about sharing? And with the unwashed hoi polloi …erm… the press, I meant the lovely press. Honest. Cross my heart aso. *Cuddles back into her blankie to enjoy the pics* Oh, where are my manners? Thank you for the loveyl pics, Servetus. 🙂 Warms the … yeah, them.


  8. Mr. Armitage, a fashionable dish indeed! Quite enjoyed this post Serv! A lovely treat for a quiet Sunday afternoon. 😀


  9. Oh wonderful, wonderful. Had to LOL several times. And am simultaneously mourning the loss of boy-next-door-RA, you know, the one who wears shirts straight from the packet, sports stains and rips on his jeans, and disregards the crookedness of his tie. Unless… unless those are already the trends for the season after next. Everything is possible…


  10. very enjoyable observations, as usual, I think Richard is a bit of a contrasting “soul” himself…………………………


  11. Oh good my husband will be back in style, camo and cargo pants, he will even look good for work ( but I think he does anyway, man in uniform with cargo pants). Sons2 and 3 may want to be in style too with the camo bit. The new stuff that the military is the digital ACU’s, the stuff from the 80’s is still BDU’s green or tan.

    The jean jacket is back, fond memories of mine from the 80’s, I think I wore it out. I was was wondering if they where coming back into style, Dave Gahan is wearing one in the photo’s in the Delta Machine CD.

    Your right RA seems to have the shoe thing right. I like the boots best, even Thorin’s boots. Somehow I seem to love boots, don’t have a clue why.

    The Wisconsin men I know don’t seem to care anything about style. With camo and jean jackets back in they might even be in style, they just will not know or care. Shudder to think my BIL in style, scary. He will still wear his holey shirts that are stained, no wonder there has never been a girlfriend. When we have somewhere big to go where what you wear counts, I get the job of making sure my husband looks good and coordinates what he is wearing. For the most part he gets it right but wants to make sure it is.

    Servetus you have a new job, fashion writer. You did great on this piece.


    • Thanks. LOL, just as you say, the inimitable, immutable Wisconsin male style will come back — and no one in Wisconsin will notice. Though I suspect that two tone wingtips will not be in the mix …


      • If two tone wing tips are found on the Wisconsin male it would accident for sure. Maybe a good pair of never used shoes at a garage sale at a steal of deal price. They still be clueless that there back in style.

        I forgot to say before, that in May I heard that the beard was back in style. I heard it had something to do with the TV show Duck Dynasty. So sad not because of The Hobbit and one sexy king of the dwarves.


        • LMAO. Or in a bowling alley!


          • I forgot about the bowling alley. All those bowling league teams that I think every town has. I remember seeing bowling being on ABC’s World Wide Sports (I think that is what it was called) when I was a child. But I don’t bowl, and don’t have a clue how to get that ball to hit those pins.


            • I might be able to explain it to you, still. We had six weeks of that in “lifetime sports” junior year of HS. But I haven’t tried it myself in years.


              • No bowling in P.E., but a lot of basketball and some floor hockey which I really liked. I even turned down a date to go bowling because I didn’t have a clue. I think we made chocolate chip cookies at his parents house instead, boy am I boring.


  12. Lily — thanks for taking the time to read “me +” and leave a comment. I sent you a message about your comment, but the mail bounced. Given the substance of the comment and the non-working email address, I’m going to decline to publish the comment until I hear from you with a working email address. — Serv


  13. […] Did you think that way back in 2011 he appears already to have on the jacket with the military styling features that are said to be coming back for 2014 here? […]


  14. […] But I think that if someone wrangled the shoelaces, the boots by themselves would be fine and up to the usual standard. They have that contrasting sole feature that’s supposed to be so fashion forward just now. […]


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