Brief modification to last night’s remarks about “Staged”

After I got into bed I watched it six times more and I want to reassess my statement that Richard Armitage is not trying for an American accent here. In the first lines of the piece, I think the second or third line, Darryl says, there’s a pretty noticeable, almost aggressive intervocalic alveolar flap (something, we’ve noticed, that Richard Armitage doesn’t do — he either doesn’t flap or glottalizes the double “t”). The line is “pretty damn good.” There’s also a slightly later “r” in Auslaut (“more confidence”) that sounds like it might be an attempt at a U.S. accent.

So now I’m wondering, based on the statement about the sofas, if this *is* the piece Armitage was referring to and now I need to find that reference again.

Unfortunately a night in a motel w/poor aacclimatization has left me wheezing and popping, so I may not be driving any further today. Glerg. Hope this is just a reaction to the soap on their sheets and headed for a drug store now.

~ by Servetus on June 26, 2013.

15 Responses to “Brief modification to last night’s remarks about “Staged””

  1. […] note my backpedaling on the accent issue here, after a few more […]


  2. Feel better soon, dearest!!! Mwah!


  3. Have safe journey and feel better soon.


  4. Ah the intervocalic alveolar flap…I know it well. Hope you’re feeling better and on your way again soon!


  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon!


  6. I hope that you’re feeling better by now :* Have a safe trip!
    Szerokiej drogi ! 🙂


  7. Hope you are better now… big hugs!


  8. I hope you are feeling better and was able to drive some more today. I will say that my allergies have been very bad this year here in Wisconsin and if you have allergies to pollen it’s been awful. Hopefully not bad by your parents. I am on meds all year and they are not working as well as they should.

    Safe travels back to the state.


  9. Get well soon dear and stay safe!


  10. I hope that you will soon get better. Take care. 🙂


  11. I just read your blog and interesting review. While you seem to be claiming this was the student film RA didn’t like, I assure you it wasn’t. I know because I remember seeing the other short film years ago a friend of a friend of mine did in 1996/1997 in London and it was bad and he appeared uncomfortable in it to be honest. “Staged” was much better and I loved him in it, despite its imperfections. Happy I own the film…


    • Thanks for the comment and welcome. However, you need to read a bit more carefully. I’m happy I own it, too. I think I said that I was glad it was on the record in the post, and I said in the comments that I enjoyed seeing it and that I didn’t think the price was out of line. I also would generally character the tone of my review of Armitage’s acting as positive. Not loving everything about something doesn’t mean I didn’t like it.

      As far as which film this is or isn’t: I’m not claiming this is that film. I stated in the initial post that I tended to think it wasn’t because it fulfilled one of the three descriptors; I stated in this post that a closer listen to the film indicates that he is likely trying to perform in an American accent here. I didn’t list all the evidence for that, but there’s plenty more including vocab choices in the script that suggest that Darryl was supposed to be American.

      In general on the blog I prioritize data in this order: independently verifiable data (things that are confirmable in sources not dependent on Armitage); data that come from things Armitage has said in the press; other hearsay. His three descriptors come from a quotation of his in the press while your statement falls in the realm of hearsay. If you have other data, I’d be delighted to see them, and I’m not the only one, judging from the response to this among fans.

      In other words, there may indeed be or have been another film, but until it surfaces, this one meets two of the three categories he specified in his remarks about the work he disliked (sorry I haven’t been able to find that interview linke — I’m still traveling, but it’s on my list of things to do when I get a chance), so in the absence of further data, it has to be considered a possibility for that designation. Another possibility is that his recollection was poor and he was conflating more than one experience. We’ve seen other examples of inconsistent recall in his interviews before, especially this year.

      If Armitage did do a different student film in 96/97, that would have been toward the beginning of his LAMDA years, whereas this was at the end, so I’m certainly willing to believe this production was better than something / anything he’d done earlier.


  12. […] series of viewings, my reaction was that I didn’t notice him trying to do an American accent; after more viewings I could see places that suggest that he was trying to do that part of the time (at the very least, when he’s playing Darryl playing the unnamed character in the play). If […]


  13. […] mind you. If you would like to read other reviews by other bloggers, you can find them here, here and […]


  14. […] described this accent as “appalling.” My first impressions are here with an addition here about my perception of his wobbly accent-switching at the time — Darryl is a British actor […]


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