Richard Armitage as mountie, or: Happy Canada Day!


teenaGraphic by an author who wishes not to be named, via Phyllys’ Faves.

~ by Servetus on July 1, 2013.

14 Responses to “Richard Armitage as mountie, or: Happy Canada Day!”

  1. Thank you for this Servetus!! He does make a very handsome Mountie and we know he already looks good on a horse! 😉

    BTW for those who don’t know what a “Mountie” is, it means they are a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, although the majority drive around in cars these days and they only wear the “Red Serge” for ceremonial occasions. 😦


  2. OMG!!! I just had an image of myself in between Constable Benton Fraser of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as played by Paul Gross and RA in a Mountie uniform. A TDH sandwich as it were. 🙂 I’m going to go faint with desire now.


  3. Thanks, I needed this chuckle today!


  4. Thank you! Yes, Benton Fraser. And Dudley Do-Good. Or was that Du-Guid?

    Will get back to you in 3-days’ time 😀


  5. (swoon)


  6. Oh, dear, calling up memories of Sergeant Preston of the Mounties… Richard would make a splendid Mountie, wouldn’t he, looking ever so fine on his horse. Happy Canada Day to you, too!


  7. Happy Canada Day. Richard as a mountie, looking good. Less than 5 hours to the boarder.


  8. Happy Canada Day!
    All police officers should look like Royal Candian Mounted Police! would be more beautiful 🙂


  9. Happy Canada Day!
    The pic is great….RA looks really funny with that hat 😆


  10. Phylly3 made another Canada Day post yesterday, a new one with two new Richard Armitage graphics. One is hilarious!


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