Are you sure you’re not from Wisconsin, Mr. Armitage?

I posted this image a long time ago, when I was comparing Armitage to cheese, but it makes me smile again every time I see it.
TI2_008Richard Armitage as Claude Monet in episode 2 of The Impressionists. Source:

~ by Servetus on July 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Are you sure you’re not from Wisconsin, Mr. Armitage?”

  1. OK thanks you just made me hungry for cheese at midnight and I just happen to have a drawer full in the fridge. After all I am from Wisconsin and it is my duty and eat cheese. I read the post where you compare RA and cheese. I have to say I like cheddar the best, white, medium or sharp. I do like a good blue cheese maybe a buttery swiss too. Fresh mozzarella, my sil makes a very good one from goats milk, she says it needs to be used with in 24 hours for the best taste, she puts it on her homemade pizza. I really don’t think that I could live with out cheese and I even live in the right state. Yes I gave in and had some cheese.


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