Richard Armitage Legenda 90: Stuff worth reading

[Legenda offers a brief, non-inclusive index of stuff about Richard Armitage that I noticed and enjoyed since the last episode. It doesn’t usually include materials presented on the major fansites, which I love dearly, but which are linked in the sidebar. Because I always forget or just miss stuff, please add additional pieces of interest via link in the comments.]

Now that it’s August, time to think about your favorite Leo

Actually, he’s my third favorite Leo (after my father and brother). Birthday greetings for Mr. Armitage may be left:

  • At
  • Usually, at the forums, as well. If anyone from the forums is reading, can you let me know about this? I looked on the three forums I’m a member of, but I didn’t find links.
  • Apparently, there’s also usually an imdb thread. Will link when it materializes.
  • And there are several tumblr projects. One was linked in last week’s Legenda.

There will be a week of birthday events at King Richard Armitage, and as usual, I will have some kind of charity scheme running here, although I’m not sure yet exactly what.

Because there are so many new fans, I also want to remind people that Mr. Armitage has asked repeatedly for charitable donations in lieu of gifts. His JustGiving affiliations are all visible here — you can donate on the web.

A beautiful tweet I missed

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 2.32.04 PM

Richard Armitage archive

63606_162772643908964_1185479904_nRichard Armitage / Richard III fan art I ran across this week — if this is your work, please let me know so I can credit you.

Richard III news

Richard Armitage tumblr

Remember that some of tumblr is NSFW.

Richard Armitage-related mature fanfic: Sexy, slash, RPF, and so on.

OT, collateral attractions, and things I think about

~ by Servetus on August 3, 2013.

60 Responses to “Richard Armitage Legenda 90: Stuff worth reading”

  1. “If you got intimate with Richard Armitage — well — there’s a piece of him you’d have to deal with. How do the unexperienced prepare?”

    This totally cracked me up!!!! Thanks for the heads up.
    And I’m now grateful for European ex-boyfriends to actually get what she meant LOL


  2. Thanks for the props!


  3. Thanks for the link to my blog and for still taking the time to put the Legenda together…always includes stuff I’ve missed 🙂


  4. OT- but don’t miss “the camp gyno..” on Feminema.


  5. Thanks for listing my newest story! Do we still say YOU ROCK!! Well I do! I loved the one about European boyfriends. Canadian boyfriends, too, my girl….and some Americans….LOL
    What the internet doesn’t tell you if you don’t google…
    huggies to you my friend.


  6. OK- This is NOT about Richard Armitage – but maybe a Brit can tell me – no routine circumcision in UK for most male babies? I’d like to know in case it ever comes up. There was a Frenchman once… but I digress.


    • No…definitely not. It is only done for medical or religious reasons, the latter having to be paid for (most medical treatment is free in the UK). However, from the little I’ve just read it seems that even for medical reasons other treatments are preferred in most cases.


  7. thank you for linking me again 🙂 I like the “what does this mean?” confession, very poignant. the circumcision confession on the other hand, we each have our own worries I guess *laughs*


    • I think the first time you encounter one, you might worry you were “doing it wrong.” But men are usually pretty communicative about what they want, in my experience any way.


      • I´m still lying on the floor *lol*, never thought about that “circumsision thing” until it went through the media. German men find it very disgusting, though the “widening procedure” is still usual in case of phimosis.


  8. Thanks for the great links…I missed a ton of stuff this week!


  9. Lots of neat links here. Thanks for collecting and sharing them! Giggles on the circumspection regarding circumcision–cultures and medical reasons for or against it vary. I doubt anyone would be deterred either way when you’re in love (or in lust) with someone–speaking hypothetically, of course. Ha! And thanks for linking to my little poll. Cheers!


  10. Love Legenda! It’s like a mini Tumblr – full of goodies that pull you in and keep you staring at the computer! Thanks, Serv. I liked the blue sweater story. It’s great to have a friend who’s the same size! 😀


  11. Some good reading (and laughs) this time that I missed. Families gone and here I sit reading and listen to some music.

    Got to love those Leos. Now I just hope the family don’t forget birthday soon. Richards got to be one of my favorite Leos and a kind shy one too.


  12. Thanks for linking to me :*


  13. I read this and thought of RA fandom and wanted to share it ..

    “The discontent that washed over me during my summer visit to Chawton cottage returns: Too many people want a piece of Jane Austen these days! Give her back to me! I can appreciate her the way she was meant to be appreciated! Most days, I’m happy to share Jane Austen; I even enjoy her crossover appeal, her status as both highbrow and lowbrow, intellectual and popular. Just now, though, I feel a bit wistful about that laminated bookmark and the small, homespun Janeite world it represented.”


  14. Thanks for the link love! The more list I saw about the whole Batman casting, the more I’m convinced RA is THE best actor for the job. Of course we don’t know if the man himself wants it, but boy, he sure could do it with aplomb. In fact, as much as I like Henry Cavill, I think RA would blow him out of the water in terms of screen presence!!


  15. […] a brief, non-inclusive index of stuff about Richard Armitage that I noticed and enjoyed since the last episode. It doesn’t usually include materials presented on the major fansites, which I love dearly, but […]


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