Lifting the Sheet on Between the Sheets, Part II

Perry picks up the Between the Sheets discussion at Armitage Agonistes. [comments there, please.]

Armitage Agonistes


Way into the early hours of yesterday morning there was a lot going on in the comment section of Me+Richard  Armitage in response to  Richard Armitage, Paul Andrews and Gender Trouble in Between the Sheets, Part I” (“Gender Trouble in BTS”) a post Servetus writes she was prompted to finalize and publish by Part I of “Lifting the  Sheet on Between the Sheets”. It looks like we put to rest our opinions on why Richard Armitage might have taken the role of Paul Andrews and whether he knew he would be wearing only a sock (or two) for a couple of scenes. There was also  vigorous discussion following Servetus’s defense of Alona, who, she argued, was unfairly blamed by the writer for driving Paul into the arms of mentally unstable, under-aged, Tracy Ellis. And then, there was this  observation about Armitage fans frequently…

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~ by Servetus on August 17, 2013.

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