Richard Armitage Legenda 93: Stuff worth reading

[Legenda offers a brief, non-inclusive index of stuff about Richard Armitage that I noticed and enjoyed since the last episode. It doesn’t usually include materials presented on the major fansites, which I love dearly, but which are linked in the sidebar. Because I always forget or just miss stuff, please add additional pieces of interest via link in the comments.]

Did anyone else feel like this one of the biggest weeks ever outside of a Fanstravaganza or a Hobbit premiere?

As soon as I publish this, I’m off to answer my own comments. What a week!

Birthday in England after all?

So all my day dreams about New York clubbing were mistaken? Thanks to Nimue for the notice.

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 4.10.37 PM

More Richard Armitage birthday love

Don’t forget to check out the dozens of links I collected here and here, but here are just a few more:

The Dark KnightSource: Me, My Thoughts, and Richard Armitage

Armitageworld moves on from Batman


1185353_641983679159419_1975020076_nRichard Armitage as Richard III by Maraia Donnici. Source.


It was Richard III’s deathday, too


Richard Armitage Archive

Richard Armitage-related fanfic: Mature themes, sex, slash, RPF and so on

Make sure to read all the disclaimers on these.

  • At wattpad: KathrynD’s “Soothing the Soul.” Lucas North celebrates a birthday. (Lucas North + OFC).
  • At wattpad: Siriusly’s “Ready to Love.” Harry Kennedy.
  • At wattpad: Hosmond’s republication of “Love is a Wound” went to ch. 49 and ultimately 51. (Guy of Gisborne + OFC).
  • At wattpad: MorrighansMuse’s “A Willing Heart” went to ch. 6, 7 and 8. (Musings on what happened to Thorin right after the exile from Erebor.)
  • At wattpad: CarlyQ’s “Iron and Oak” goes to ch. 11 (response to Armitage’s question about Thorin’s lost love)– and I think she’s starting an original story here, as well. Has a kind of mysterious beginning; I will definitely be following.
  • At wattpad: TheArkenstone’s “River of Gold.” Further adventures of Thorin + Lady 0akenshield.
  • At DF (note that you must be a member to read): Obscura’s “Recovery” goes to ch. 15. (John Porter + OFC).
  • At A03: “Buon Compleanno Richard” (in Italian). Richard Armitage gets just what he wanted for his birthday. (Slash, RPF, Armitage + Freeman).
  • At A03: “Happy Birthday!” Another version of what Armitage got for his birthday. (RPF; Armitage + OFC.) Again, I’m still not convinced this is Armitage she’s writing, but a sexy story. Read disclaimers!
  • At A03: “Verstehen“. I am not recommending this one, exactly, but reading it made me think: why are people so hard on each other’s fantasies?
  • At Raucous: In which Richard Armitage doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday (RPF; Armitage + OFC).
  • “The Saga of Vaenomar” goes to ch. 31. (Prehistory of the Erebor exiles.)


Some may be NSFW. Sorry — this is a bit short as I didn’t spend much time at the computer this week (another quibble I have with tumblr … sorry …)

OT, collateral attractions, and things I think about

~ by Servetus on August 25, 2013.

42 Responses to “Richard Armitage Legenda 93: Stuff worth reading”

  1. Great list, as always and thanks for linking my story 🙂


  2. You are too, too good to me! Thanks for noting my stories and taking time to post lots of delicious stuff I would miss otherwise!


  3. Hey serv, (or any other brilliant computer-savvy person) I see there are lots of stories on ao3 that look to be interesting but are not in English. Is there a way to translate them? Any help would be appreciated !


  4. Thanks for the mentions! It really was a big Armitage week! Wow.


  5. Thank you for taking the time to make your weekly legenda. I seem to missed a bit this week.


  6. Richard in London, eh?
    All together now:
    “How come every time you come around
    My London London Bridge wanna go down, like
    London London London, wanna go down, like
    London London London, we goin down like”
    OK, I’ll stop now 😉


  7. Servetus, sincere thanks for the mentions. I have shared on Tumblr as well. Nice to see that Richard went home for the birthday, family and friends. As well, I hope life is treating you and your family better these days.


  8. Where do I send your agent check? Thanks for linking me to the world and for always mentioning my stories. Don’t be surprised if one Day Serv flies into Erebor on an Eagle.


  9. Reblogged this on The Arkenstone Blog and commented:
    You haven’t lived until you’ve checked out at least 75% of what Servetus has listed here! What a treasure trove!!! That Serv!!! xoxox


  10. Thank you for mentioning my post! LOL! Happy you liked it!
    So much to explore this week on Legenda.
    All the best for the start of the semester.


  11. I agree with Arkenstone, I owe you 10% agent’s fee. What a busy, crazy week in Armitageworld. But we now have new/old photos to relax with on a beautiful Sunday.


  12. Hey, yesterday night I came up with a idea, wich I thought you might interested in: When a man was your husband, (that could be anyone) and you’re where still blogging about Richard, what do you think what your husband would think of your blog? should he agree with it, or not? Ok, a blog about your own husband is weird, if you had in mind RIchard whore yours.


  13. I always feel like there’s not enough time in the day to do all I’d like to do, and the I read Legendary and I’m sure of it! Thanks for linking to me, and all of the other great things that seem to slip under my faulty radar!


    • I felt that way this week, like I could scarcely keep up, an dnow the semester’s starting … I know, for you, too 🙂


  14. I am very grateful to you for the links to my blog, Servetus 🙂


  15. Thanks for the link to my little Lucas fic and especially for the link to the plea on my blog. As a result of RTs on Twitter I now have my first little piece of proofreading work! I still need a job but it just goes to show what a powerful place the internet can be 🙂


    • Wow, excellent. I hope it’s the first step to more things.

      Do you proofread American as well or primarily English?


      • Do you mean spelling wise? In theory yes. Although I’ve never done it. American proofreading symbols are different so I would be unable to work for an American publisher for example but just correcting someone’s work using Word (or similar) would be possible.


  16. Whew!! What an amazing compilation! I don’t know how you can keep up with it all! Appreciate this so much! 👍


  17. […] news that Richard may be in London got me breaking into […]


  18. Thanks for talking about my new Facebook page “Richard Armitage Switzerland”. 🙂


  19. […] a brief, non-inclusive index of stuff about Richard Armitage that I noticed and enjoyed since the last episode. It doesn’t usually include materials presented on the major fansites, which I love dearly, but […]


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