I’m vamping (in the older sense of the word)


Don’t forget the continuing events at King Richard Armitage:

here’s CDoart with a fascinating interview with Peter Warzynski, the Leicester reporter who’s been covering the Richard III story, on how the experience has changed his life;

Judiang on “Richard III for Dummies” — how to impress your friends at cocktail parties with your Richard III knowledge!

and fitzg on “Sumptuary Laws” (laws that restrict what kind of consumption people can display, especially in clothing or at celebrations. My students are always fascinated by this).


Agzy is also continuing with her Armitage bling giveaways!


I had a post here, but it referred to the previous reblog, which I’ve deleted at the request of the person who originally blogged it. I will find another way to write about that. I need to do the charity appeal update, too. And write some real stuff. Other than that, I’m still trying to catch up with life. But I’ll be here again, in force, as soon as I can!


And, I assume, Guylty will be with us in a few hours. Not sure what I’d have done without you the last few weeks, Guylty.

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~ by Servetus on August 27, 2013.

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