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ns1-079Mr. Thornton (Richard Armitage) basks in his mother’s (Sinead Cusack) attention. in episode 1 of North & South. Source:


Got home after a 22-hour travel delay. At one point I was on the runway at ORD and lightning was starting to strike the runway; the captain came on to say we’d have to wait to take off yet again; and I thought — ok, G-d, obviously I need to put actually getting home in your hands. Then, Extreme Haircut: Funeral Edition. For all of us. I didn’t think the next person I’d be discussing men’s tailoring with would be my father. We chased around all day doing various chores, but I think we’re basically ready now.

Tomorrow is the Christian Sabbath and we plan to rest and look at some photo albums. And hopefully not cry too much. I think we’re all in a reasonably “good” place about mom’s death — in that the major emotion we all feel is grief, in my case at times still overwhelming grief. But we all felt she died knowing how we felt about her and with us having said what was important. There are no major regrets on that score. Maybe they are still coming. I know I will never be “over” this and that transformations in feelings are still coming.

And then I opened my email to find dozens of good wishes from so many readers and Armitage fans, and especially this. Which was totally unanticipated. I was FLOORED.

Thank you, sister bloggers and fellow fans. You know how I feel about stuff like this, but I got it from somewhere.

One of my mom’s last big volunteer actions before fatigue from sickness overtook her was getting a program called Ruby’s Pantry underway in her church. The major obstacle was worry about how the traffic from the event would affect the church facility. She managed to convince her fellow parishioners, however, and the program was adopted and today when we went over there to talk to the pastor about the sermon, the sign was out on the church lawn announcing the next date for distribution. It’s just a wooden sign, white board with red letters. The real gift is in the event, the giving, and the people who will be fed.

I feel like I’m running out of ways to thank you all; any eloquence I have is breaking down. This is so sweet; it honors my mother and her journey so well. And it helps people out. If it hadn’t been worth while to write this blog for all the other reasons I’m writing, you certainly just showed me why it continues to be so.

So. Thank you.

More soon.

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~ by Servetus on September 1, 2013.

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