OT: More proof that Jed Brophy is the sweetest guy ever

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 9.26.23 AM

~ by Servetus on October 16, 2013.

11 Responses to “OT: More proof that Jed Brophy is the sweetest guy ever”

  1. He is a fantastic guy, he really is.


  2. Everyone’s human. What a nice apology.


  3. Yes, and everyone can’t be “nice” every moment of the day either especially in that business. We all have those days when it is next to impossible to be cheery all day and never say a cross word even to friends. We don’t all apologize either and luckily most of us don’t have to do it publicly. Great guy. He feels bad and he says so and any of us who have had to do it publicly know how it feels but that is taking responsibility for your actions.


  4. Makes you almost want to meet him on a bad day…


  5. What a lovely way to deal with the situation. This is one of the few instances when celeb tweeting is actually a good thing 🙂


  6. He’s really nice!


  7. Taking responsibility, as obscura would have said. Which I have to say, in a man, is also really hot.


  8. It’s official. I heart Jed Brophy.


  9. We heart standup guys. Also, Jazzy told me that he has a tat of Kokopelli on his deltoid.


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