Richard Armitage Legenda 101: Stuff worth reading

[Legenda offers a brief, non-inclusive index of stuff about Richard Armitage that I noticed and enjoyed since the last episode. It doesn’t usually include materials presented on the major fansites, which I love dearly, but which are linked in the sidebar. Because I always forget or just miss stuff, please add additional pieces of interest via link in the comments.]

Legos don’t just get mad when you step on them


Richard Armitage archive

I probably should just delete the whole thing

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 5.45.25 PM

Tumblr sent me this today — thanks to all readers who come here from tumblr, especially because I’m not there very often. Hugs to all of you!

Richard Armitage-related fanfic

  • At Something about Love (A): Grati’s “Thorin’s Dream of Love” goes to ch. 6 and ch. 7. (Hobbit AU / Thorin + OFC / romance).
  • At wattpad: MorrighansMuse has started a new story, “Waiting for Dawn” (RH / Guy of Gisborne + OFC / mature themes). Meanwhile, also at wattpad, her “A Willing Heart” (Hobbit AU / Thorin / romance) goes to ch. 19.
  • At wattpad: Siriusly’s “Walking on the Mood” (SpooksLife on Mars mashup / Lucas North time travels) goes to ch. 4 and 5 and 6.
  • At wattpad: CarlyQ’s original Richard Armitage-inspired story, “The Safety of Solitude,” goes to ch. 8. Unexpurgated version of this chapter also available on DF.
  • At DF: Carly Q’s “Oasis” (RH / Guy of Gisborne + OFC / very mature themes) goes to ch. 4.
  • At Unkraut vergeht nicht: “Bloody Cat!!!” She says it’s not an RPF. Thus, any resemblance to any actor (or cat) we know is purely coincidental. (In German.)
  • At A03: rashisama’s “The Life that I Have” (Richard Armitage + reader / RPF / domestic fluff). I like the one about pruning the ivy.
  • At A03: toggledog’s “The Secret Admirer” (RPF / Armitage + Dean O’Gorman / mild slash). Dean draws pictures of Richard.
  • TRUDYSTATTLE RECOMMENDS: At wattpad, FairyCutie86’s “Madeline Usher’s Tale.” Retelling of the Edgar Allan Poe masterpiece from another angle, with a Richard Armitage character included. Rape / incest. Read all disclaimers.

Hmmm. OK!


Richard Armitage tumblr

Richard Armitage proves he’s a guy, again


Armitageworld changes

Is this really a question?

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 3.03.10 PM

Armitageworld questions

Dwarves, according to Graham McTavish

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 12.58.56 PMScreen shot 2013-10-11 at 12.58.12 PM

OT, contexts, collateral attractions, and things I think about

~ by Servetus on October 19, 2013.

42 Responses to “Richard Armitage Legenda 101: Stuff worth reading”

  1. That is not even a question!
    Thanks for linking my stories!
    Ten minutes in and a WHAT to get it out???? I’d be blushing too.
    Awesome Legenda this week…thanks Serv!


    • πŸ™‚


    • Ten minutes in – I get that part, as he spoke quite clearly, but I’m not getting the rest of the teasing (as he laughed it almost down) ???? Can somebody help in this delicate matter? πŸ˜‰
      Thanks Servetus, again and again for tirelessly compiling all the relevant and the extra-relevant (!) stuff we probably have missed, we wanted to re-read so badly, or stuff we needed to be reminded of. Splendid service, as always!


  2. Bald Lego Thorin! He looks like an angry Walt White from “Breaking Bad”.
    Glad to see it’s not the beautiful Weta Thorin that lost his hair.
    A wonderful week in the RA World, plenty to read, Thank you πŸ™‚


  3. Thanks you so much for mentioning my proofreading and linking to my FB page. Very much appreciated.


  4. Thanks so much for the linkback. It’s always nice to be a part of your Legenda, Servetus. But better still, it introduces me to so many goodies that I might have missed otherwise. Always a big thank you for the work you do in this!


  5. hmm..fried sage or pumpkin puree..I never ate something like this, must give it a try ! Now ,back to the reading,thanks Servetus πŸ™‚


  6. Today TORN’s twitter feed is a string of toys ads. That, and your lego picture reminded me of the β€œTales of Earthsea” foreword β€œβ€¦ideas of great storytellers are … reduced to toys, molded in bright-colored plastic, advertised, sold, broken…” Thorin has all the reasons to flip.


  7. You’re the best. Thanks.


  8. Lego Thorin bald! Oh what a travesty! I must shield my eyes!

    Thank you for adding my blog posts and stories to your list, Serv!


    • well, Dwalin’s bald … it comes to some dwarves later in life ….


      • Uh-uh. No bald Thorin for me πŸ™‚

        I’m weaving those hair extensions right now.


        • yeah, or leave a comment on a blog you haven’t commented on before, that will prevent this scenario from occurring.

          Looking at it today, I was wondering if that little notch in the top of his head means that you could stick some Lego flowers in there or something.


  9. Thanks for compiling all of these wonderful links!
    I could sense RA was teasing with the knife up his bum bit. He has a “tell” with his eyebrow lifting ever so slightly in merriment–before he goes into a full on sheepish grin. Such a guy! Ha!
    I adore the Thorin Lonely Mountain graphic–and Ania’s Thorin Mosaic you linked to. And I expect that Thorin would never be lonely. Ha!
    Thanks also for linking to my Thorin fan fic! Cheers!
    P.S. And Lego Thorin popping his “lid”? Priceless!


  10. Thanks for the link to me: *


  11. […] Richard Armitage Legenda 101 stuff worth reading ( […]


  12. Thanks for the mention! I’ve missed your legenda posts. There’s always good reading contained within!


  13. Thanks for the links to my stuff Servetus- much appreciated always.


  14. If I counted every time I stepped on Legos, I think I would run out of numbers. They also hurt the feet too.

    Love fresh sage, I got a big plant in my garden and should make the Squash Risotto sometime soon. We got our first frost last week, and that was late but I will not complain since we had fresh green beans last Sunday. All my veg for that meal was out of the garden and the apples off our trees, perfect for having company over.

    Been playing catch for the past week on reading, so thanks for Legenda.


    • fresh green beans in October? Wow. You must be an amazing gardener.


      • I don’t know if I garden well, but it has been a great autumn this year. That was until today, that nasty four letter word showed up, and I am not a happy camper. I can think of many four letter words I rather hear.


        • before Halloween? that’s BITTER.


          • Still snowing (nothing sticking to the ground ) today and cold, I just even settle for the 50’s. It is bitter and so is the wind. I still remember the big snow Halloween 1991, we got dumped on and to think I almost took my first outing with my then one month old baby, I was going to go to a bigger town one hour away, decided not to. So glad I chose not to, as I didn’t know about the snow.


  15. recommended by KatharineD via TORn — Peter Jackson on the music for TDOS, his reaction to critics, and his professional future.

    and regarding the possible length of TDOS:


  16. Definitely and absolute coincidental πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the reference and all the other interesting stuff!


  17. Thanks for the links to my blog. πŸ™‚


  18. […] a brief, non-inclusive index of stuff about Richard Armitage that I noticed and enjoyed since the last episode. It doesn’t usually include materials presented on the major fansites, which I love dearly, but […]


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