Thorin Oakenshield, Lord of the North?

Anyone think that Richard Armitage’s voice in the first read-through sounds like one of the voices from Lords of the North?

~ by Servetus on October 24, 2013.

8 Responses to “Thorin Oakenshield, Lord of the North?”

  1. I would love to answer this but still NEED to listen to to Lords of the North. I still have to find it somewhere.


  2. I found that you can listen to Richard read an excerpt from the book by going to the Internet and typing in Lords of the North read by Richard Armitage. It brings up a choice from the BBC and you can listen there. It also says you can find it on YouTube. His voice sounds very young reading it actually.


  3. I’m thinking that that early readthrough Thorin sounds like one of the villains he voices toward the beginning — Ubba Lothgrocksen or something (not like Armitage as narrator).


  4. I would like to answer, but the very day I decided to order it, the website went down, and now BBC has at least acknowledged it on Twitter. Whatever voice it is, it’s not Thorin, as he tells us in the EE. Took him a while to get there.


  5. Yes you are right Perry. The voice in the audio is much lighter and not as deep. We all know that Richard has that ability to make that beautiful voice vary in so many different ways with so many different accents. I seem to recall months back that I did find the audio available someplace else but apparently wherever it was it is now gone which is no surprise.

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  6. It definitely sounds like his “go to” authoritative growl. Close to to the Pirate Growl – as with Depp’s as Captain Jack – he pulls it from deep inside.

    I still have never been able to figure out how certain actors can dig that out. With practice I’m sure, but “from” where?


  7. it’s a matter mostly of breath support and doing certain kinds of exercises that train your vocal folds so that you don’t permanently injure them — but as singers know, the pitch of a voice is something that’s physiologically determined, you can’t just change yours, and it’s really not good to play games like this for very long if the natural resonance of your voice is a different one. You’ll stay gruff, for sure, but you’ll lose that resonance that makes the voice such a delight to listen to. I’ve wanted to do a post on this for a long time — (sigh, it’s on the list 🙂 ).

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