Strike Back: Origins — finally a reviewer bought into the premise

OK, I think this reviewer gets it — because they were willing to take the show seriously on its own terms.

~ by Servetus on October 27, 2013.

5 Responses to “Strike Back: Origins — finally a reviewer bought into the premise”

  1. Yes, he definitely got most of it right and it would be nice if a lot of people read that. Of course it wasn’t Collinson’s desperation that got John back in. It was Collinson’s boss ordering him to use him that did it but overall this really is a great review and that is the main point here. This reviewer may have glossed over some points but he got 99% of the premise and that is far better than anyone else we’ve read so far.


  2. Good review for all of the cast, including RA.The bottom line is he found the show entertaining, so hopefully people will give it a try. I agree with Peggy and Serv that he “got it”. Seems to be a rare talent among SB critics, although I may be a bit prejudiced on the subject.


  3. I couldn´t agree more to you all, finally a reviewer who gets most of it.

    Strike Back Seasons 2 and 3 were aired in Germany, too. Nothing similar to the “original” first season. I watched season 2 (it´s called “Strike Back Project Dawn” her), because I wanted to find out what really happened to Porter and who betrayed him. But season 3 “Vengeance”, no, though there are some good actors in it, for me it´s just big boys with big guns… so I switched the TV off.


  4. […]  genre with a focus on authenticity. The review doesn’t fall squarely into the goal of  Servetus’s  Me and Richard ( 2 posts) and my own  recent reports of reviews  – which is to see how Origins […]


  5. Actually a balanced review, IMO.


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