Were you Thorin Oakenshield for Halloween?

See the whole collection (including other characters) at The Hobbit on FB. I assume these were entries in a competition for the live event. I’m really happy that a lot of women have dressed up as Thorin Oakenshield or other male characters and haven’t just limited themselves to Galadriel or Tauriel.



~ by Servetus on November 2, 2013.

10 Responses to “Were you Thorin Oakenshield for Halloween?”

  1. These are wonderful! I hope Richard sees some of these. The devotion involved in making some of these…!


  2. Our 5th grade class was to dress up for Halloween from TH. I saw lots of Gandolf’s , but no Thorins. Someone was Thorin, but must have been from the class that had a pizza party that day.


  3. So attentive to detail. Making the costumes is probably just as fun, if not more so, than embodying Thorin. How fun these are.


  4. Some of these are awesome and must have been fun to put together.


    • yes — and I think the bottom one must have been one of the fans who made it to the event — f-ili is the name, I believe.


  5. […] of fans cosplaying Thorin below are taken from here, a collection of Thorin entries in the contest for a ticket to the Hobbit fan event in New York […]


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