New Cinemax / Richard Armitage / Andrew Lincoln interviews. Armitage talks guns.

Courtesy of RA Central. Here:

Also fighting, landing punches, and how real it all seemed.

~ by Servetus on November 9, 2013.

13 Responses to “New Cinemax / Richard Armitage / Andrew Lincoln interviews. Armitage talks guns.”

  1. Yeah, Benny and I watched this after the show tonight. It is funny when you think about the characters Andrew played earlier in his career–comedies and romantic stuff, and now he’s a guy on the edge of madness killing zombies in TWD. And when Richard said he could still assemble an AK-47 the thought of watching those hands at work gave me a thrill. Love me some Portah.


    • I assume RA Central posted it b/c not everyone has Cinemax, and so that it will be available after Cinemax removes its cover, not because they thought it was entirely new.


  2. I think it’s fantastic that he could still strip down and reassemble an AK-47. It just shows how thorough he is when it comes to inhabiting a character and how seriously he takes a role. But wouldn’t it be lovely if Richard was now the one to get the “romantic roles”? *sigh*


  3. Sassy Richard! 😀 Again, it’s very interesting to hear how deep he dives into the character. I wouldn’t like to get in the way of those fists.


    • Sassy indeed! I think that it’s the same with any role he undertakes. He embeds himself so much in the character that he is no longer Richard but the person he is portraying. It becomes so real to him I’m convinced that is why he can undertake roles that are very far from him as a person. Not a person who normally pushes himself forward yet he could find the strength to lead when it came to the part of Thorin, for example. For someone who is probably a pacifist by nature he played the part of John Porter to perfection! He never ceases to amaze and captivate me! 🙂


    • What I thought was interesting about that was that at the time of the original premiere, he mentioned that he was frightened of the guy he was fighting with (a Mr. Dlamini, playing “Vincent”). Now, both can be true, but I thought the decision to emphasize his immersion in the fight (look — the fight is real!) was clearly directed at this audience.


  4. I haven’t seen the original either. I do agree though that one can be frightened and still put oneself out into a fight like that when there is no other choice.


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