Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln discuss Strike Back last scenes

Courtesy of RACentral.

~ by Servetus on November 23, 2013.

12 Responses to “Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln discuss Strike Back last scenes”

  1. He was in character too much…giggles. Beat the S*** out of him John!


  2. I wonder if he gets into character too much in romantic scenes, or is it just the violent ones? He said he kicked the guy in the prison fight scene as well. Some actors admit to getting a little excited during love scenes, does RA? Does anyone know?


    • I’m sure that he is sorry when he is and when he isn’t “too excited”.
      I can’t remember who said it, but I was laughing madly.


    • he’s never said 🙂 such a gentleman … beyond saying kissing DDA was a great way to spend an afternoon.


  3. Joanna, I think the late David Niven said something to that effect to one of his leading ladies. 😉


  4. Very much enjoyed these little clips – I would have loved them more if Andrew Lincoln and Richard had actually been in the same room while filming them. The discussion would undoubtedly been more raw and to the point. I’d love to hear them discuss how they played this – especially in light of Lincoln saying that RA winded him and that he was too much in character. That is one aspect of acting I find extremely fascinating: Reality vs acting. How to separate? Is it possible to separate? What effect does it have on the relationship between the two actors playing opposing characters? What effect does it have on an actor’s brain in general? On their personality? On their RL at the time of shooting?


    • esp given Armitage’s comments that he was grumpy all the way through TH filming, and also while playing Guy …

      You do have the impression in the final scenes of SB 1.6 that he is *not* acting.


  5. It would have most likely been more fun for them to be there together discussing the scenes and remembering what it was like. I would guess there would have been a lot more laughter about some of the scenes like falling out of the chopper and having the cartridges hitting him in the face and so on. Richard has tallked about his temper before and so having him admit that some of the fight scenes were a bit more real than they should have been isn’t terribly surprising. I suppose it is possible to lose sight of it being a scene played out and not being real. It can be a kind of release of energy, angst, whatever as well because you aren’t always able to do that in real life. Love scenes, well who knows? Many an actor has fallen in love with his co-star making a movie.


    • We have to be careful; Armitage also said the action / fight scenes are easiest to play because they’re not anything like him.


      • Our community theater prez and I were discussing this at the bar mitzvah—that the most enjoyable roles are the ones that are so different from your own personality/character. I loved playing the tipsy wealthy widow because in RL I don’t really drink much at all (nor am I rich or, thank goodness, a widow destined to be murdered!) People kept saying, “But you play it so well . . .” Thanks, but it doesn’t mean I live it, you know . . . and that scream I got to let out was soooo liberating. Primal Scream Therapy?


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