More evidence that Richard Armitage has a heart for small children

Aaaaaw. Man.




[ETA: I decided to take down the original version and blur the kid’s face.]

~ by Servetus on December 1, 2013.

34 Responses to “More evidence that Richard Armitage has a heart for small children”

  1. Yep…total melting sucker for that!

  2. Is he sporting his own hair color nowadays?

  3. Awww, that is truly sweet. Imagine being the little girl with Thorin’s arms wrapped around you! I think that is his natural hair color–I was noticing it in other pics. Brown with a hint of auburn in it. Looking good, Mr. A.

  4. Reblogged this on the armitage effect and commented:
    Just one of those sweet melting RA moments . . .

  5. I think it’s close to his natural haircolor. I suspect a little editing, especially at the temples, or perhaps a highlights wash or something, but not on the level of a fullscale dye job.

    • I do think there’s some effort to cover the grey but it looks so much healthier now to me than it did with the really dark dye. That color was often “flat” and now it has more dimension to it (which could be attributable to the highlights wash you mentioned).

  6. Cute! What a gentleman. 🙂

  7. That is the way into any woman’s heart, I suspect… whether you have children or not. But a man who is nice to kids – *bam*, cave woman likes.
    Re. hair: I hail the return of Guy of Gismullet *yay*. Love it when it parts, actually. I noticed the colour, too, but ascribed it to the (cross-)lighting?

    • I think it hits me particularly hard because my own reaction to children is that I adore my nieces and I’m polite about everyone else’s kids. And I’m a lot friendlier than many singles my age — I don’t resent children — so if a childless adult takes even a second to be friendly in our world, that says consideration and a willingness to go out of the way to make someone happy.

      • Yes to all of that. But I do think it really does hit the cave woman instinct – as in, scanning the crowd for potential partners with whom to procreate. For that cave woman needs a man who will not only father, but also acknowledge and look after offspring. Hence a man who displays kindness towards children is high up in the rankings. – This is all totally subconsciously done, of course. Oh, and btw, despite having two sprogs myself, I have never considered myself particularly interested in children. But it completely works on me when I see a man who displays some kind of kind interest in children.
        PS: My own private anthropological bible on that particular matter is a book called “Mother Nature” by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy. Fascinating insights into female behaviour when it comes to choice of partners and bringing up offspring.

        • Wow, something you and I disagree about! I think evolutionary psychology is largely bunk. But I still love YOU.

        • I probably should have put that less bluntly. Please forgive me.

        • In my case, I’d be just as impressed and moved if he were kind to elderly people (we just don’t see as many of those around him at these photo ops). That can’t be justified in terms of procreative priorities — it’s just a value that I share.

          • I see your point. Wouldn’t hit me as hard as the kindness towards children, though.

            • It may be the case that my hormone problems mean most of the generalizations about how women are supposed to behave based on their desire to reproduce don’t apply to me. I can’t ever remember wanting to have a baby, from the time I was a little girl. Of course, maybe that’s the influence of evil culture, too. 🙂 But I’m a pretty strong poststructuralist in that sense.

              • Well, now it gets weird because I most definitely never wanted to have children or husband or family, either. But since I have had them, this kind of instinct shit hits me every time!!! So let’s blame those hormones. They’ve definitely f*cked things up for me *lol*

      • You know my husband and I don’t have children, but we love the kids in our own family and kids in general. It’s always warmed my heart so much to see how crazy my nieces and nephews and great-nieces and nephews are over my husband—who is kind, patient, has a great sense of humor and a tender heart. I love seeing those qualities in a guy.

  8. What a charmer. This man always comes over as such a polite and kind man. His parents must be so proud of him. I sincerely hope that he does receive the Oscar nomination that he so richly deserves. I also had wondered about his hair color as one of the photos in the Esquire shoot looked very auburn at the front.

  9. What a sweet man. *turns to mush*

    • wait, not so fast! Don’t turn to mush before you buy a movie ticket!

      • That’s still nearly a month away here, plenty of time to recover. Then again, maybe not, after tomorrow ‘s assault on the feels. 😉

  10. Well I tend to agree with Servetus though I do believe that Richard has a fondness for young kids certainly. He mentions his nephew frequently so we know he has a sense of family. On the other hand I worked in law enforcement for many years so I have another view of kids and adults too. Mind you that isn’t what I see here at all but just commenting on the idea that it is some evolutionary thing. You have to look further than just what seems to be kindness when looking for a partner (and you have a child or you want to have children). Richard seems to have retained a sense of wonder that appeals to children as well and I’d bet he is a great Uncle.

  11. I think that is is a nice person who likes people. He even lowers himself closer to the other person height. I was taught that when you talk to children to get on there level. Princess Diana was very good at doing that when meeting children.

    As for instinct, Mr. 70 never wanted children, but is a great dad. He has always put the boys first and enjoys spending time with them. He also is great with other children too.

  12. “Cutie Luke Evans..” ? 8] ..pheeee..:D

  13. I remember reading an article that quoted the father of the little boy who was in CA with RA, and said something about how nice RA was to his son. He seems to have a natural ability to connect with people, no matter who they are and I think this has a lot to do with the empathy and interest he shows towards everyone he meets.

    I’m very maternal ( have been since I was about four!) and men being nice to children goes straight to my ovaries. I suppose being nice to someone smaller and less powerful is an attribute I admire in anyone, come to that.

  14. I agree completely. What I see in Richard is someone with a natural ability to make a person feel at ease no matter the age or gender. He is simply a naturally friendly person. I like kids but I can’t say that I am always comfortable around them and I believe that children know that. With Richard I think that kids recognize someone who understands them and enjoys them for who they are. He can put himself down to their level and he doesn’t have to work at it. That is an amazing talent all by itself. He would be a very good father if he chose to go that direction.

  15. […] sometimes edited by other fans to remove the original fan from the photo but leave the Armitage, a measure we sometimes take out of discretion, but at other times for other reasons. A chief one of these, it may be, is to capitalize on the […]

  16. rolls over and dies My ovaries ache

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