What some of the rest of the Hobbit cast were doing last night

SCCZEN_091213NZHMMHOBBIT5_620x310Mark Hadlow, Jed Brophy, William Kircher, Stephen Hunter, at the Wellington charity gala last night. Photo by Mark Mitchell. Source.


The link above goes to the press report in the New Zealand Herald. Mulubinba wasn’t there last night but is there now, and has described the quiet scene after she got there last night and her fun travels around Wellington today.


BbBK27dCIAA6WY5Another picture of the gang from Jed Brophy’s twitter. Tweeted in response to Dean O’Gorman’s tweet of the Christmas market on Unter den Linden, I think from the Gendarmenmarkt.


~ by Servetus on December 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “What some of the rest of the Hobbit cast were doing last night”

  1. Serv, thank you so much for linking and not forgetting the six Kiwi actors (sorry – Stephen Hunter is Sydney based). I had a chat to two NZ friends associated with the tour group – these actors were not invited to the Premieres overseas apparently. (It’s odd as there would have been no Company of Dwarves without these guys). Tonight’s costume party is in part a gesture of appreciation for them and also all the behind the scenes people who worked so hard to make the movies possible. I hope to take photos especially if they all come. Internet is a bit tricky here, but will post as much as I can.


    • I’m always glad to hear reports of what’s happening!

      I agree it’s unfortunate — though LA was so cramped, space and time wise. I assume WB is thinking in publicity terms, and there’s no way, with all the new characters, that they could all be interviewed in the way they were last year …This whole series of premieres seems to have been done as economically as possible — I wonder if they’re saving their big energy and money for next year?


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