Ellie’s big night in Berlin: Pictures with Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner and Orlando Bloom

Ellie’s kindly forwarded the following pictures of her experiences on the red carpet in Berlin on Monday night.


A ***

I’m thinking we should ask Ellie for a tutorial on how to get one’s picture taken with a eelebrity. These are only some of the pictures she obtained, but they are the ones I thought would be most interesting to readers here. Someone from her party was also photographed with Ed Sheeran and Benedict Cumberbatch and they are also very sweet pictures.



Also, how she gets them to smile that way? I thought this pic with Aidan Turner was the sweetest thing ever.


Along with meeting Armitage, the real highlight for Ellie — as much as she enjoyed the whole experience — was finally encountering Orlando Bloom. “I had waited 10 years for Orlando to sign a special LOTR book I have many autographs in which meant a lot,” she writes. Her fuller account is here.




Congratulations to Ellie!

~ by Servetus on December 12, 2013.

12 Responses to “Ellie’s big night in Berlin: Pictures with Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner and Orlando Bloom”

  1. Brilliant. Ellie had a prime spot. Looks like part of the Facebook fan area to me, to the left of the steps that led up to the main stage (and press area). Could you also get Ellie to give us all a tutorial on how to ask for pictures? That would be my biggest stumbling block (when it comes to pictures including myself + celeb)…


  2. Oh that lucky lady!


  3. Congrats Ellie! Looks like she had a fantastic time. I’m interested to know what how she did it too. 🙂


  4. Thanks for sharing these Ellie!


  5. Ellie looks like she had a fabulous time! That’s great! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Thanks Ellie, what a thrill for you.
    This is a little belated but perhaps I should just say that no offence was intended by my enquiring about the stories of Richard that you mentioned. I think Servetus gave me a little slap on the wrist with her edit and I must admit it stung a bit.


    • I’m sorry, I did not intend that and apologize. I’m sure everyone was curious! I just think that with the number of people who read this blog now, I don’t want that stuff recorded here. Back when this was something no one read, it wouldn’t have mattered but it’s different now.


  7. Ok, so I’m going to write something here- which may the wrong place to do so, but seems fitting given Ellie’s experiences and those of others recently. In no way do I mean to detract from this particular post and her wonderful experience. I’m sorry if these reflections seem out of place or self-indulgent, that is not my intention at all. I am shamefully blushing as I am typing, and I little tearful (cowering under my iPad:).. All this recent RA action has been intense and, now that it is slowly dying down, I find myself returning to the ponderings I voiced a while back when I asked Servetus for some advice about fandom. I think at that time I discovered I was not alone in my misgivings and I wonder if others share my current mood.
    I am considering taking a hiatus (maybe permanently) from the ‘Richarding’. When I first came across RA I experienced what I think many have, some sort of creative regeneration. Indeed, it led to me considering a change of career. That has stayed with me. I also experienced something another person wrote about: a renewed vitality, wanting to look nice, feel attractive again.. Reading that person’s post was like that famous line in The History Boys: ‘The best moments in reading are when you come across something – a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things – which you had thought special and particular to you. And now, here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out, and taken yours.’. Anyway, my reflections have now crystallised a little further and the fact that my experiences of and emotional stake in RA is entirely based on my own personal constructs. I have always known this, indeed it is something Servetus has talked a lot about, but somehow it seems more pertinent now. 3 memories have recently brought this home to me and forced me to think about what I really want from this activity , which has changed a little (something Servetus is very clear about). Do I want to meet him ? Yes. Do I want to be acquainted with him? Yes. Do I want to work with him? Yes. Would I like to be further involved? Yes (can’t bring self to write more precisely on that:). I am reminded of 3 experiences and this have made me look at things from a different angle. (1) My relative was asked to do something for an actor as part of her job. It was random and intimate enough that they came home and shared it with us. This actor has a fan base on a par with RA and if a similar thing had happened to someone with regard to him and I found out (in a blog let’s say), I would be ‘ooofing’, ‘squeeing’, whatever you wish to call it, all over the place. So would tumblr etc. I nearly spasmed with delight when i saw a candid if RA at airport in Germany. Said relative didn’t think to post it anywhere, this person’s fans have no idea. (2) I recently had a ‘hobbity’ experience of my own. It was cool but I haven’t posted it anywhere. If someone posted equivalent about RA and I saw it, I would be dissecting it, interpreting it, making my own meaning and drawing (baseless) significance and conclusions from it. (3) I have some, albeit tenuous,
    links to him through old contacts and his previous jobs. In theory, I could
    pursue these and engineer a meeting. In reality, this would entail me surrendering any sense of dignity and embarrassment it is a ludicrous idea and frankly I’ve more chance of landing on the moon. All these things have reminded me that what I think he is, my experience of him, my ideas about him are merely perceptions. The last point is a further reminder that a different reality exists outside of my experience of him, the ‘real’ reality and that he is just a person, a normal working person, getting on with his life, not the mythical, intangible deity my self wants me to experience him as and I wonder if i can’t have the ‘real’ reality, then it may be better for me to have no reality at all.
    Lastly, over the past few weeks I have been aghast at the clips of him being photographed by the paps etc. I find it horrifying to watch. Watching the fans screaming at him is also pretty overwhelming. What must that be like? Seriously.. I recently chanced across this clip of T Hiddleston With fans: it’s quite sobering…..

    So sorry this is such a monster post.. Pls forgive me



    • I have a lot of thoughts about this but I need to leave. I will say the first rule of fandom is that if fangirling makes you unhappy — it should never do that — it’s definitely time to take a break. That place isn’t the same for everyone, but you have to know when it’s enough for you.


    • I guess, rereading this: one of the main issues for you seems to be reality vs fantasy. It would be better to have a reality w/o an unrealistic fantasy as opposed to enjoying a fantasy. Now: keep in mind, I’m writing this from the perspective of someone who enjoys a fantasy. There is certainly such a thing as being tortured by a fantasy. That has never happened to me in any way that’s lasted more than briefly. However, no one should cultivate unhappiness, IMO.

      But — assuming you enjoy a fantasy, I don’t see what the downsides are. I have a real life that involves (frustrating) work, friendships / relationships, family, and all the things that a real life involves. Having to replace all the tires on my car at once, annoying encounters in traffic, arguments about politics, etc. I am not a disembodied head, nor am I unaware of what is happening around me. At the same time, the fantasy I experience makes me creative and at terrible times, makes life bearable. The career reflections and push for creativity have been really valuable and, I must say, influential in ways that I find positive. Yes, that relies on a fantasy constructed from my own perceptions that gets focused on someone I will never meet or possibly even see in the flesh. But I don’t see why a focus on reality to the point that it paralyzes me or makes me unhappy is somehow better than a fantasy that pulls out capacities in me that I had forgotten I had, makes me excited, and makes me productive.

      You, of course, are the only person who knows what makes you happy and what you can live with. To me, this is a lot like exercise. Some people run marathons — happilly and productive; others run marathons — obsessively and unhappily in ways that injure them; some can’t or don’t want to run marathons. You have to know where you are.

      Something else to keep in mind — this is an *extreme* moment. The flood of info will die down in the next month or so; revive briefly when the DVD comes out; and then more or less disappear unless Armitage gets a new project, until the publicity for “Into the Storm”.


  8. […] I’m asking this question in regard to the comment below, received from MCQ yesterday. (For those who don’t remember, MCQ asked this question a few weeks ago.) I’ve excerpted it slightly but the full comment is here. […]


  9. […] More about Ellie. The photo is on FB, which you should be able to see if you can see my timeline (if not, friend me). […]


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