Richard Armitage reveals more of the Thorin Oakenshield playlist

Wow, Armitage, that you know about this piece of music impresses me. It is aweful (intentional spelling) to listen to.


~ by Servetus on December 24, 2013.

14 Responses to “Richard Armitage reveals more of the Thorin Oakenshield playlist”

  1. Thanks! I was just going to look it up


    • I heard this performed once, years ago — music to make you insane.


      • Must be something to hear it live! Though I’ve heard some contemporary classical music that is just impossible to relate to, but not this one. Fits with the “iconographized discontinuity” RA was looking for to become Thorin I imagine.
        I like that I always learn and explore new things because of RA. Thanks for posting this.


        • You’re welcome, and so do I — I was just reading about Penderecki — apparently he has composed a lot of scores for well known horror films. Although Armitage has said he doesn’t watch horror films. Though maybe he’s seen the sort of classic film Penderecki composed for …

          it’s the kind of thing, if you hear it once you don’t forget, I think.


  2. Classically trained our man but I’m not sure I could listen to this all the way through.


    • Indeed, but this isn’t the sort of thing that typically makes it onto the music A-level, I suspect. I wonder if the connection is his experience visiting Japan with the Macbeth tour and having visited the Hiroshima museums.


  3. I can not stand the most compositions of master Penderecki..too scary, stomach starts to hurt.


  4. It is as if I’m waiting for a horrible scene to happen.

    It also makes me wonder how the orchestra feels when they play this piece. Very very atmospheric, but tough to listen to.


    • I’ve never been in the orchestra for this piece specifically, but in general I can say my experience playing is really different from my experience listening — I have to concentrate much more while playing.


  5. Yikes! Certainly as advertised, friend. Definitely apropos for Hiroshima and … other places of horror (not the movie type)….Frankly, I’m no composer, but I don’t want to imagine having that in my head, even as a performer; repeatedly rehearsing, then playing it… Fortunately, all the music I played (years ago now) only challenged me in positive ways. However, this perfectly captures everything I’ve ever felt seeing what people choose to do at their worst….Fascinating window into RA’s prep for Thorin.


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