Richard Armitage long-haul drive fantasies …

I like the hotel rooms, at night, their sheer interchangeability and disposability, and the great way they allow themselves to fit any fantasy. In contrast, while I can like these long drives, but I don’t always. January driving is such a crap-shoot — it can be a breeze or a blizzard. Today was somewhere in between. I’ve been making these drives semi-regularly since 2001, and one thing that’s on my wish list for Job 2.0 is that it be not quite so far away from Wisconsin. (When you’re a history professor, you don’t really get to choose where you live.) Usually I’m together enough to listen to a few Richard Armitage audiobooks on the journey but that didn’t happen this time — the discs have disappeared into the bowels of the car. Which is okay — they will reappear when I truly need them. They always do.

Instead, I replaced them with radio (Top 40 has really become boring, hasn’t it? It’s more like Top 12) and long-haul drive fantasies. I was noticing today that in all of my fantasies I was rescuing Richard Armitage from something or other — I put together one where we were being chased by government agents and I had to drive him across an international border so he could get on a plane and fly away. I had another where I helped him escape from jail and was driving him to a new home with a new identity. A third fantasy involved having picked him up as a hitchhiker (I know) who was running away from an abusive relationship …

If everyone you meet in your fantasies is you, these are are also my own rescue fantasies. I wonder what I’m rescuing myself from in them. (Besides the tedium of driving.)

One more day! And then I’ll be back.



~ by Servetus on January 3, 2014.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage long-haul drive fantasies …”

  1. A drive like that can be tedious, but it’s one on those rare moments when you can really just focus on the thoughts in your head, so go along with it and rescue away!
    Drive safely, or how we say in Polish, may all the lampposts be made of rubber 😉


    • do you have a saying about ditches? 🙂 I saw about a dozen cars stranded in ditches on the drive yesterday …


      • Ditches are for wimps, we Eastern Europeans grow big strong trees on the side of dangerous roads 😉
        PS. I hope that everyone stuck in a car in a ditch was OK!


  2. We Brits are just so bad a doing long distances (because we don’t really have any REAL long distances) that we just don’t understand how you do it! I guess at least you don’t have such crowded roads as we do.

    Anyway I’m with Agzy in wishing you a safe journey and some very enjoyable fantasies. Might try a few of those out myself even if I’m not in the car 😉


    • if I lived in England, I wouldn’t have to do this, I suspect, in quite this way. and yeah, you can drive from the top of Scotland to the bottom of England in half the time it takes me to make my drive.

      Thanks for the good wishes.


  3. Safe journey, Serv! I don’t think I’d be able to drive and fantasize simultaneously. Not good at multitasking AND easily distracted…


  4. Keep fantasizing through the miles. When I have found myself in a Richard-free zone while traveling, my imagination can rescue me from it. I also keep an emergency picture of him in the lining of my suitcase (Mr. Jones doesn’t need to know).


  5. Travel safe, serv


  6. […] found especially conducive to fantasy and brainstorming. In the days when I regularly drove 1500 mi I did a lot of that. Now it’s a bit more curtailed. But this spring, I found myself imagining Armitage in the […]


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