Heart full of love (and fridge full of soup!): SpReAd the Love Weekly Update

spReAd the love is more than halfway to its February goal, right on time! Check out the soup (and the kindness).

Ancient Armitage

I think that the world is a experiencing a bit more kindness these days…the STL kindness reports keep growing from week to week.  Remember, any gesture of kindness, no matter how small, is worthy.   Even though it might seem small to you, it probably has a much larger effect on the receiver.  Personally, it’s been a big week as I wrap up the annual soup sale, that I coordinate as a fundraiser for the Kindergarten-6th Grade Youth Group at my church, by delivering some frozen leftovers to the homeless shelter.

This year we had 85 donated quarts of soup to sell to our congregation (in our “house” if you sell food, they will buy it!) for $5 each to support youth group activities.  Part of the funds raised go to offset cost on recreational activities that keep our kids off the mean streets of NE Wisconsin….Yeah, just a tad…

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~ by Servetus on January 27, 2014.

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