Remember the 92Y Stumble? She’s started her own blog.

Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 12.18.56 PM***

This is our fellow fan who fell over Richard Armitage in the aisle.



Check out her first post, on how a tweet from an idol has gotten her inspired, and learn about her creative journey.

I know from my conversations with her that this is someone who struggles with social media and may not be the most regular blog updater — so it’s a good idea to follow it via WP or your RSS, or you can also find her on twitter here — so you know when she says something new and brilliant!

~ by Servetus on February 1, 2014.

2 Responses to “Remember the 92Y Stumble? She’s started her own blog.”

  1. I read your comments on stumbling over RA and found it humorous and very entertaing. But what I found very interesting about you was your enthusiastic energy and ability to express your desires to develope your interest in film and stict to it no matter what. In many ways I think that it is this true energy that you and RA appear to share and that it is not just money that powers this desire but the creativity and the journey along the way. So, I wish you success in your journey and will certainly continue to follow your blog.


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