Richard Armitage loves: A (Partial) Grammar

My Richard Armitage Valentine’s Day vid from 2011. I apologize for the reblog — but if you haven’t seen it you might find it amusing. Serv loves English grammar!

And this is my favorite thing that Richard Armitage has said about love. No doubt, flippantly, but I still like it. Hopeful. I’m not celebrating the day with a sweetheart (and frankly, that is just fine with me), but if you’re looking for one, love could be right around the corner. And if you’re not, or your true love doesn’t seem to be in sight yet — well, there are other kinds of love to share with others — and with which one has, oneself, been blessed, sometimes in the most surprising ways.

I’ve been composing a GuyDay Friday post for tomorrow, so I will be back, and I’ve got a ton of things half written. Between the usual burden of work, students with papers due, my birthday, the emotional fallout, it was just a very taxing week.

~ by Servetus on February 14, 2014.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage loves: A (Partial) Grammar”

  1. Ah, lovely! I hadn’t seen this before so many thanks for reblogging. It’s perfect. 🙂


  2. very nice!! 🙂


  3. I’ve only just starting following your blog, so hadn’t seen this. Very nice..A pleasant thing to see today…


  4. Glad you enjoyed it, ladies.


  5. wonderful thank you.


  6. I’m glad he was there to explain it to me! Loved it, every second.


  7. […] you know what I do for a living, you’ll have little doubt I regard grammar as a bit of a turn […]


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