Is Guy of Gisborne not forever??? New BBC Robin Hood show announced.

Read about it here.

Guy of Gisborne as played by Richard Armitage: I’ll ALWAYS love you.

~ by Servetus on February 15, 2014.

10 Responses to “Is Guy of Gisborne not forever??? New BBC Robin Hood show announced.”

  1. Oh dear. It will all end in tears.


  2. Miss Golightly! I MUST PROTEST!


  3. Sounds like the new series will hopefully die a quick and ignominous death!


  4. No, it isn’t Arrow either. It is just plain stupid. Do you really want to see the Sheriff of Nottingham turned into a hero by night and villain by day? I mean seriously folks, get real. See they know that many liked the Sheriff in the old Robin Hood but they are missing the point here. No one really wanted to see him be a hero. I mean I didn’t. We loved Guy for different reasons but did we really see him as a hero and did we want him to be one like this? I don’t think so. It loses so much if you do this. I’d hope that this does die quickly. Hard to believe they are that dense that they can’t figure out where the problem lay in the series. It certainly wasn’t in making the Sheriff a hero. We’re dealing with legend here to a degree and the Sheriff is a prime villain, a bit campy is fine, but he isn’t a good guy and we don’t want him to be one. No, no one can replace Guy either.


  5. Of course he’s forever :-D. For me is like with Collin Firth’s Darcy, he’s Darcy for me and so far doesn’t look like that’s going to change, even with other good Darcy representations, he’s still the reference.
    Richard’s Sir Guy is the ‘real one’ for me and I think it’ll be long before anyone can make Sir Guy of Gisborne the complex layered character Richard made him be.

    OML 🙂


  6. Oh way to the hell NO. My first reaction when I saw the title was “What, it only went off the air in 2009?! Isn’t it a bit premature to do a reboot??” And of course, NO way will anyone ever replace RA as Sir Guy. He is the definitive Gisborne for me and Sir Guy is, of course, SO Not Dead. Although there may indeed be no G of G in this version, hopefully it will die a quick and well-deserved death. Are networks and movie studios really this hard up for ideas?! Geez . . .


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