Richard Armitage as Hamlet? I admit I’d hoped for some soliloquies

See the WSJ on this audiobook here via blog of A.J. Hartley:

The nine-hour and 45-minute novelization of “Macbeth,” which paints a much more sympathetic portrait of Shakespeare’s power-hungry protagonist, generated more than 1,000 reviews on Audible and drew an average of four stars. Their take on “Hamlet,” which Audible will release this fall, features a punchier Ophelia, a less gloomy Hamlet, and swaps in snappy dialogue for Hamlet’s famous soliloquies.

I admit that I like the soliloquies; then again I’m a professor and I’m supposed to. This should be interesting to listen to and the reaction should be fascinating to observe. The prospect of nine hours or more of Armitage’s voice? PARADISE. Hamlet is longer than Macbeth, after all. And I already know how it ends, so I won’t have this issue with fearing what happens on Disc 4 as I do with Lords of the North.

Maybe there can be a special feature with him doing a soliloquy? Pretty please?

~ by Servetus on February 23, 2014.

28 Responses to “Richard Armitage as Hamlet? I admit I’d hoped for some soliloquies”

  1. I’m almost curious about the “punchier Ophelia.” Almost.


  2. What heavenly news – my ears are in a state of glorious expectation.
    Thank you Servetus for such wonderful news.


  3. I listened to Alan Cumming and immediately thought of David Tennant, who is falling behind in the audiobook sweepstakes. He was churning them out at one point.


  4. BTW, can’t imagine Hamlet without the sililoquies. It’s almost like heresy.


  5. Definitely here for a punchier Ophelia. The very first fanfic I wrote (in 7th or 8th grade – before I knew there was a word for fanfic) was a “fix” on Hamlet where Ophelia lived & was best friends with my terrible self-insert. Also Hamlet lived & looked like Mel Gibson 😛


  6. Yay!!!


  7. I much prefer Shakespeare’s comedies, but since I would listen to Richard read anything, I’m delighted that he’s finally narrating something new, even if it is a play that’s never appealed to me. He may even be able to change my mind!


    • it would be interesting to know if projects like this make Shakespeare sympathetic to broader audiences. But I agree, I’m there. Nothing against another long audiobook to enjoy on long car trips.


  8. This is simply wonderful news, and hoped-for for such a long time! “Hamlet” probably would not have been my first choice, but quite certain we can expect something very special….


  9. But in a way isn’t it all one long soliloquy? Flattered by all the interest everyone. Richard has done an amazing job. Can’t wait till May 20


  10. […] when I confessed myself a fan of Hamlet “as is,” with all its melancholy rumination. I remember thinking maybe Mr. Armitage could do a monologue as an “added feature,” knowing that this doesn’t work precisely for the reasons stated above. I assume he had […]


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