Reader favorites: Richard Armitage against the blues!

Pursuing yesterday’s point — which Richard Armitage pics cheer you up? — both Siriusly (emphasis on Dorky Armitage) and Guylty (Drool Pool!) posted collections of their favorites that are too wonderful for words! We have a fellow Armitage fan in Sandy Sue, who picked Cumberbatch for this technique, but to the same end. And here are some favorites referenced by readers in yesterday’s comments.

ETA: here are susanmburney’s favs.

Anything we can do to keep the blues at bay!


Delusional Fangirl picks CBeebies in general and this “I’m Richard Armitage and I’m here to sympathize with you” picture in particular:

cbeebies3_026Richard Armitage in the third CBeebies installement. Source:

She writes: “The Cbeebies stories are sure to cheer anyone up! They’re a bit like Disney movies: they appeal to young and old (although possibly in different ways, lol.)”


Trudy says: “I can’t help smiling at any photo from the Wellington red carpet event – especially candids. The letter he wrote us at that pivotal juncture is always in the back of my mind. (And he looked like he was drinking in the experience as much as he could.)”

lovely-smileRichard Armitage in at the Wellington premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, November 28, 2012, as he glimpses the “Team Thorin” t-shirts. Source: Musings of a Wandering Duck

[Servetus adds: these photos always make me think of Anna.]


MaryJaneZigZag likes Richard Armitage at Waterstones Piccadilly, December 2013.

tumblr_mz2fyvQWUd1rbzfi5o2_1280Source: tumblr


I picked this Porter for richardstreehouse, whose car broke down yesterday in the cold, since she didn’t specify:


and this one, too, as a small bonus:



raddicted likes this one from the Spooks interview with from the very late summer of 2010. Ah, yes, when he said he wanted to do something that was all about love. And was hiding his knowledge of The Hobbit. Armitage plays it close to the vest.


She also likes Richard Armitage doing Smaug. OMG, yes.

smaug[so did Servetus. Apologies for posting the smeared up photo, but it was in my media library …]


And Joanna shares her “all time favorite picture of Guy of Gisborne.”



I have been struck by how often, of the chaRActers, Guy and Porter have been named.

Blues, blues go away! Armitage will chase the gloom away!

~ by Servetus on February 28, 2014.

14 Responses to “Reader favorites: Richard Armitage against the blues!”

  1. Wow I really like the John Porter one and I do like most of the others as well but the John Porter ones and some Lucas North ones make me smile right off and then there is Guy. I like Richard in blue a lot for dress up. He just looks fantastic but I also liked the Esquire photos and the tux. Have to think on more.


  2. here are susanmburney’s favorites:


  3. I’m primarily a Porter girl, especially loving the cap where he is squinting against the sun with his hand up. Next to that one, candid dressy looks (thanks, Guylty) at premieres. Oh, and smiles. Oh, and smoulders, and ….crap. Too many lovely choices.


  4. Always love the CBeebies pictures. I love a man who can read animatedly to children. 🙂
    Got to love the Smaug imitation and the um…cough … helicopter picture made me laugh out loud!


  5. Not so small….that bonus 😀


  6. Aww another lovely list! Love how pictures from the Wellington premiere seem to be on almost everyone’s lists 😀


  7. aww, so he knew about the hobbit already (and thorin i presume…:)).
    porter and gisborne…strong and yet gentle. despite being troubled. but also failing. it’s hard to describe but i definitively feel those two characters the most. dorky or happy lego armitage are still the best cheer ups though. and to see how well mr. armitage handles the publicity now.


  8. Great, great choices. They all have their merits!


  9. Interesting – the photo of the NZ premiere and Waterstone’s appear on my screen in the same frame and I’m finally able to detect the subtle change in the nose. I saw something but couldn’t say what it was until I saw these two photos together.


  10. Here are zee’s muse’s favs:


  11. […] SueB, Servetus, Guylty, Siriuslygrednforge and reader’s favorites. […]


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