Favorite Richard Armitage blonde moment

I can’t believe I forgot to include a reference to this last night — I think must have been too focused on the beer aspect of the post!


~ by Servetus on March 1, 2014.

6 Responses to “Favorite Richard Armitage blonde moment”

  1. I forgive you cause you remembered, Lucas looking like Porter no less


    • thanks 🙂

      If I recall correctly, this was one of the last scenes they filmed in the series — they had issues with getting the boat insured for filming or something like that. I think it’s interesting b/c I think Armitage’s physique looks a lot more like Porter than Lucas here — and there are definitely scenes in S9 where you can see Lucas’ clothes don’t really fit Armitage so well anymore — but if this is a really late scene, then Armitage looks really bulky here …


      • Yes, the producers were so proud to get that ship, and Lordy those thighs … *sigh* I think I learned the UK meaning of FIT through all the online chatter 🙂


        • I agree, this is one of the guises in which I find him most attractive. I could imagine him coming over to my house and fixing everything and then …. fixing me …


          • Nice tool comes to mind … Oops that slipped out … a handy man with an eye for detail is a high valued commodity. To confuse matters in that first episode was all the kaki he’s wearing, it blurred the Porter/Lucas line even more!


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