Something I don’t believe

Here. Thanks to Jazz.

~ by Servetus on March 10, 2014.

14 Responses to “Something I don’t believe”

  1. … me neither …


  2. No way, Jose.


  3. Lol…I don’t buy it, either, but I would relish a chance to say “neener neener” to judiang. 🙂


  4. I’d probably rather have him play The Master than Doctor Who, but … and yes, the temptations of saying neener neener to judiang are really almost irresistible 🙂


  5. Hey now! Here I was minding my business when sudden a little bird told me to come here… (And let’s talk about my track record so far… remember a certain story about an anon actor discovering tweeter and drunk tweeting? Hmmmm?) 😉


  6. Good grief! Steve John Shepherd is a terrible actor!
    John Simm, in contrast, is an excellent one – if he’s not carrying on as The Master it needs another actor of his calibre to play against The Doctor.
    I can’t, in all honesty, see RA doing this, but he has got a young nephew who might be thrilled to see Uncle Richard in Doctor Who!


    • I think the BBC probably isn’t paying enough — and it would be the absolute end of Armitage’s anonymity in public, at least in the UK — but more power to him if he wants it and they’re considering it. I just think the actor pictured in the tweet doesn’t look like Armitage.


      • That looks like Steve John Shepherd to me – a very average actor who recently left the ‘soap’ serial ‘Eastenders’. That rocky outcrop behind him could also be Devon and Cornwall , not just Wales.
        It’s probably an old pic – this is him back in November with and without the beard –


  7. I don’t believe it but man, do I want to. Epic squee.


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