Fargo tv series trailer, sad sigh

Good adaptations can open up difficult material for the average viewer — as I have said so many times, I’d never have learned to enjoy LOTR at all without the exposure to Peter Jackson’s vision. The adaptation, in that case, made something I didn’t understand and which didn’t appeal to me approachable.

Apropos of adaptations, all of my social media wanted me to see this today — seriously, it popped up like seven times this morning in different places — so here it is:

OK, social media, I bowed to the demands of capitalism for the eternally profitable regurgitation, and I gave it a try and watched it.

The original Fargo is on my personal top ten films list, and this trailer doesn’t even come close. I was a skeptical audience to start off with, of course, and never say never, but for now I am putting this in the category with The Hunger Games: the original was so perfect and memorable that I’m not going to water down my intense love of it over an adaptation that looks silly and unappealing.

If, however, this adaptation brings a new generation of viewers to one of the greatest movies ever — that’s a wonderful thing!

~ by Servetus on March 19, 2014.

18 Responses to “Fargo tv series trailer, sad sigh”

  1. I like Billy Bob Thornton, so i’d give it a go just for that reason.


    • I’m meh on Thornton but I loved both Frances McDormand and William Macy. I was asking myself if I’d be willing to try it if they’d just not cast Freeman as Lundegaard … don’t know. Freeman doing the MN accent is a huge turnoff, I admit.


  2. I really love that movie, too, Serv. Great performances (Frances McDormand is wonderful!) great script–just brilliant. So I was skeptical about this adaption, too.
    Wouldn’t watch, either.

    Oh, and I finally saw Star Trek: Into Darkness. Nope, just doesn’t do it for me. Benedict was very good, but—I felt “meh” about the rest of it. Benny said he doesn’t care about any of the characters with the exception of Bones (Kudos to you, Karl Urban). And we, of course, grew up on the original ST. Cheesy though some of the FX, sets and costumes might have been, it did have heart. The ST reboot is all style and no substance for me.


    • I just read that the first trailer for “The Giver” is going to be released shortly (or has been?) and it’s another one of these things that fans have a lot invested in — and the verdict seems to be the same. Rather than trying for something new and different they tried to make it look like everything else that’s current at the moment. All style.


      • Style and in Abrams’ case, lens flares. Man loves his lens flares. Benny says he’s going to start throwing lens flares into everything he shoots—whether or not there’s any justification for it being there. *sigh* We’ve been watching quite a lot of films on Netflix since we started back up with it, and I find I grow tired of the lack of a compelling story that really engages me. I did like Elysium; it’s been the exception.


  3. I loved that movie, too. Gotta say, Martin Freeman looks the part — very Bill Macy-ish. But I’m not convinced either….


  4. Interesting faces….hmmm…we will see . The Cohens brothers are involved so it might be quite good.


  5. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXWell I am not a big Fargo fan though I did like the movie. This trailer is too active and not put together well at all so I may watch the first episode at least to get a feeling about how good or bad it is. They’ve got big names here but that doesn’t guarantee that it is going to be a hit.


  6. Loved the movie, series … can’ tell yet. Martin Freeman sounds more Scottish to me than Mini man (as in Minnesota). The setting looks appropriately cold and bleak. Will I give it a look? You betcha.


  7. I… um. I loved the movie. I had literally zero idea this was happening – I don’t keep up on movie news at all – and hearing that voice come out of Martin Freeman made me feel like I was watching something that had been dubbed. Dubiously dubbed, at that. But I’ll probably give it a try, when it trickles down to my cable-free household. :} I’m always fascinated to see if actors from other places can pull off strong regional Yank accents, and it didn’t sound too bad to me, from the very brief clips, and through a thick carpet of shock.

    … The exception to my fascination with accents being Richard. I want him to keep his own delicious caramelly voice forever and ever and ever. LOL I am a shallow, shallow fan. I know it. :p


  8. well, if Richard Armitage gets a cameo … then maybe … or if all my friends just love, love, love it …


  9. I must be the only one who could not stand this movie. Maybe it had something to do with the fact family members from other places in the states would make fun of how they sounded in the movie and living so close to Minnesota it just was not cool. We also thought the movie made it seem that they where simple. Ok I am done now. Who know if I will see this or not.


    • My mom felt the same way (she also felt that way about Prairie Home Companion) — like Fargo was condescending. So I don’t think it’s an altogether unknown reaction. I personally didn’t read the film as making fun of Minnesotans but rather as admiring them. Apart from that theme, though (the strength of the persistent, stolid, at times moralizing Midwesterner) I thought that its strength lay in its powers of observation.


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