In which Servetus trefs her blog just in time for Passover



A picture of a slice of Melton Mowbray pork pie, courtesy of wikipedia. Apparently there are a few different varieties. It actually looks tasty, if a little dry.

~ by Servetus on April 2, 2014.

25 Responses to “In which Servetus trefs her blog just in time for Passover”

  1. Bon appétit!


  2. Oh yes! Food p*rn! 😉 And not dry at all. Lovely with a bit of salad, crusty bread and chutney. Round here it’s traditional to eat it for breakfast on Xmas day…a step too far for me 🙂


    • OK, w/chutney. I was thinking it needed some sauce or something … 🙂 or maybe mustard … looks like it would be good with mustard? 🙂

      I’m trying to un-kosher my life, but this is a few steps of where I am on the path back to omnivorousness. I can imagine it tastes good though, if I think of it not being made of pork.


  3. melton Mowbray pies are wonderful. As the pastry has a high fat content and the meat is surrounded with …jelly….they are not dry at all ,but full of savoury goodness , very meaty , the mini ones can be devoured in two bites !!!!!!!!!!! didn’t know about having it for breakfast though ! id defiantly share a pie with Richard !


  4. Is it dinner time? I’ve had food on the brain since about two o’clock. (consequently there’s pasta e fagioli simmering on the back burner and calico beans bubbling in the oven – both featuring pork products I’m afraid…if you ever cone for dinner, I am happy to substitute 🙂 )

    Question : is that pork pie served hot or cold? (or either?)


    • Either way is good although I have mostly had it cold with salad. As has been said already, it is not at all dry. My mouth is watering at the memory of how it tastes. 🙂 If anyone can recommend a beer or ale to go with it I’d be much obliged. We have some great micro breweries around here so maybe this would be a good excuse to experiment! 😉 Of course Richard might recommend a particular wine to have with it!!


  5. There’s a Brit grocery store in NYC that I go to that has them. When RA is in NYC he can always get one there! They are very good!


  6. I have been thinking for awhile about making a british Pork Pie and have not done so, maybe I should one of these days.


  7. Oh dear – when RA and I finally become a couple, i can see i’m going to have to do some major reprogramming. First the steak tartare and now pork pie…

    I’m a vegetarian and the current Mr Bollyknickers is proving very hard to wean off meat. He’d love a pork pie, given half a chance (I think he probably indulges occasionally down at David Jones Food Hall – and leaves home early most days to get a bacon roll at the cafe next to his office.)

    Where do i start on the pork pie? Quite apart from the pig that died, the jelly is horrible. Back in the day when i did consume meat, i did quite like a Marks and Spencer’s picnic egg – which was diced egg rolled in pork and breaded. Do they still do those?

    Stilton is virtually alive too.


    • there’s apparently a variation on this called the “gala pie” which has a cooked egg in the center.

      I love moldy cheese, though. Have since I was small, when everyone was eating bleu cheese dressing.


  8. Here’s a recipe on BBC if anyone wants to take a crack at it….although some ingredients are foreign to me most of it sounds quite savory…..


  9. Looks delish!


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