A cursory fanfic update

This is not comprehensive — just some stories I’m enjoying. Please leave links to your new favorites in the comments.

Wattpad just told me that kleindog has started publishing a new North & South story: from the prologue, it looks like a prequel. I don’t know if this story is new, or something she’s previously published on C19, but I’ve loved her previous stories, especially her Guy of Gisborne tale. Check it out.

If you haven’t been keeping up with CarlyQ’s stories, The Safety of Solitude (on wattpad — the steamy scenes are posted on Dreamer Fiction) and Oasis (on Dreamer Fiction), check out the chapters you’ve missed. These are both wonderful stories, each in its own way. Safety of Solitude has a Richard Armitage-inspired character and Oasis is a very very mature Guy of Gisborne story.

And it looks like Obscura’s Recovery (John Porter + OFC) is also drawing to a close on Dreamer Fiction.

~ by Servetus on April 5, 2014.

3 Responses to “A cursory fanfic update”

  1. Kleindog’s story is well underway at C19. She’s just begun posting at Wattpad. Hooray! She has cleverly moved the N&S story to America as it descends into civil war. John Thornton is mill master in Lovell (Lowell) Massachusetts. Her writing is always fabulous. (I’m entirely prejudiced, of course!)


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