There’s something about the New Zealand greeting

Hours after I post my prophylactic “anti-Monday blues” picture of Richard Armitage and (iirc) the Mayor of Wellington, the Wales family arrives in New Zealand and what does Kate Middleton do?

Maybe we should all resolve to start our Mondays this way.


~ by Servetus on April 7, 2014.

4 Responses to “There’s something about the New Zealand greeting”

  1. I saw this too and it reminded me of your post. Just noticed the pillbox hat though — lovely.


    • there are a lot of cutesy pix floating around (Kate being greeted by a Maori warrior with not many clothes on), some of which border on or cross the line to imperialist nostalgia, but I fall in every time. She’s so beautiful.


  2. Yes, she’s stunningly beautiful. And seems to be a kind/caring person.


  3. I have always liked Kate, she seems to have such grace about her.


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