Another Richard Armitage casting rumor

The House of Matusita?

Read here. Spanish.

Via pollyspersonal.

~ by Servetus on April 11, 2014.

15 Responses to “Another Richard Armitage casting rumor”

  1. With McDowell? Dude.


  2. Reblogged this on the armitage effect and commented:

    Glad Serv is keeping up with all this . . . 😉


  3. A movie in Peru? Interesting.


  4. Woah, McDowell! Probably just a rumor, though. But then again, anything’s possible


  5. Well, both Malcolm McDowell and Bruce Davidson have signed. The film maker said they’re in talks with Richard for the leading role- a reporter who arrives in Peru to cover the story of Casa Matusita. Now, if their schedule revolves around McDowell’s availability (July/August of this year) and Richard’s casting for The Crucible’s a done deal, I don’t see this one happening, especially considering the play is on between late June and mid-September.


    • That’s what the article says. So I guess it depends on how badly they want Armitage or if another window is open. It does a bit to explain why Armitage is described as “in final negotiations” and not definitely on board for The Crucible, though.


      • As I initially suspected, the delay to confirm The Crucible deal seems to have to do with the promotion for Into The Storm, as confirmed by @bazman’s tweet:


        • Sure. (shrugs)


        • What gets sort of tiring about this, from my perspective, is that I’m in this for fun. I’m basically happy any time a rumor or a role is announced. Career buzz is good for him! The Old Vic would be great! Peruvian film is hot at the moment! So I get my happy on, and then I get inundated with comments about why something is the wrong role or why it won’t work out or whatever. In fact, NONE of us knows exactly what weighs into Richard Armitage’s, what’s on offer, or why he does things and that pretty much includes theater gossip columnists at the Daily Mail as well. I don’t know why we can’t just enjoy this experience instead of having to jump in to correct each other. I really don’t know. It makes the whole experience exhausting, frankly.


  6. Sorry if you took offence with my comment, it wasn’t my intention. I’m as thrilled as you are with all this buzz about new potential roles after such a long drought and can’t wait to see which projects come to fruition in the end.


  7. that’s a good thing for us to agree about!


  8. […] few housekeeping matters: I’ve been out all day and did not see that Servetus on Me and Richard broke the news that Richard Armitage is the director’s first choice for a […]


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