If this is Affleck as Batman, I’m not sad about Armitage

Tweeted today, I’m not sure what this is but a RL friend of mine put it on FB with the comment “first look at new Batman.”

Honestly, you can’t tell this is Ben Affleck. This costume is more concealing than Thorin Oakenshield’s. I want to see boyfriend’s face!


~ by Servetus on May 13, 2014.

11 Responses to “If this is Affleck as Batman, I’m not sad about Armitage”

  1. Hmm… Well Batman has always had a mask. I think the fake torso is pretty gross, I must say! Yes, he’s well out of it.


    • Yes, the fake muscles are ick, but I suppose obligatory for the look. Richard could have made a better case than Ben for going without them, though.


  2. Yes, truly that is a naturally veiling costume for sure. However, Affleck will have chances to (try to) look dishy as Bruce Wayne with no mask on. Unfortunately for him, next to what Richard would have done, that would be a fail…..and I just cannot see him as suave and urbane. But I’ve moved on, somehow. 🙂


  3. I was never in the Batman club–I’d go to see our man in anything, so I would have supported him, but am now just as glad he didn’t get it.


  4. phew I can’t say how relieved I am. And frankly, I am more excited by the Leica than by the subject ggg.


  5. He’d eventually come out from behind the mask as the suave and debonair Bruce Wayne which would’ve been right up RA’s alley, but I’m happy RA moved on to something other than a comic book character — for whatever reasons.


  6. Wanna see the face!!!


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