Richard Armitage as father / rescuer vibe goes off the charts!

Warner Bros. Italy is the source, via (LOL) imdb. Too much popcorn here even now.



Richard Armitage with (I assume Max Deacon and Nathan Kress?) in a publicity still from Into the Storm.

~ by Servetus on May 14, 2014.

11 Responses to “Richard Armitage as father / rescuer vibe goes off the charts!”

  1. Remote mass destruction of ovaries.


  2. I want to bring them all home, make them soup, and wrap them in big fluffy towels.

    Then send the younger ones out to a movie. Maybe a double-feature. And stay with friends afterwards.


  3. Wrap one of them in a big fluffy towel and then unwrap him to air dry …


  4. Is it possible for a tornado to accentuate a jawline? Because somehow…


  5. There’s going to be even more than usual ‘I want to have RA’s children’ after this film. That and offers to dry him off by giving him a quick rub-down with a warm towel…


  6. this is what I’d call a dreamboat….as in….he fulfills all my fantasies of a most excellent man/human being — at least the roles he plays does 🙂


  7. Mmmmmmh, these hands….and the wet shirt… swoon


  8. scraped knuckles = vulnerability


  9. […] Company. Another entry in the “Armitage as father” sweepstakes (here and here and here), except Kenneth is not the “father as rescuer” […]


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