Emergency *ooof*: Stunner

So, yeah, I guess she did talk me into it!

Guylty Pleasure

Sarah Dunn has released a stunner. That needs an emergency *ooof*, no doubt. I guess I knew something like that was going to come up this week, or why else did I not get round to writing an *ooof* yesterday?

Sarah Dunn colour Richard Armitage in a portrait by Sarah Dunn, 2013

We are familiar with this set-up already. The neutral background, the shallow depth of field, the harsh light from the left. Armitage is sitting at an angle to the camera, his head leaning slightly forward, looking down towards the front (our bottom left). The light illuminates more of his face than in the previously known image. The light is unchanged, but the tilt and slight turn of the head to the subject’s right makes all the difference – more light reaches Richard’s left side of the face. We also get more definition of the facial contours, and the sculptural proportions of…

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~ by Servetus on May 15, 2014.

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