Fun Day Sunday: “Operation Into the Storm” Opening Weekend Viewing Planning Commences, May 18, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #568)

More planning for Chicago area premieres / fan meetups. Check it out if you want to join in!

Something About Love (A)

Into-the-Storm-US-Movie-Poster-FakeTicketMay1814ITS-WB_wCredits-manip Last Sunday I floated a trial balloon of wouldn’t it be nice for the fans of Richard Armitage to consider supporting his new film Into the Storm (ITS) by viewing it in theatres on its opening weekend for their city/country–rather than waiting until later to see the film since opening weekend box office can make or break a film–and perhaps even informally organize a fan meet up to enjoy the film with fellow RA Fans. This viewing event notion has been warmly received by several of you who commented on my blog last week or reblogged my post. Thanks!

I have already offered to look into organizing a Saturday, August 9th, 2014 RA Fan viewing of Into the Storm (poster on fake movie ticket, left) in Chicago, Illinois (US) by scouting out theatre locations and such. MarieAstra8 (of the Obsessive Behavior blog) hopes to plan an NYC (US)…

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