Collateral attractions: Richard III to be buried in Leicester

A group of descendants of Richard III had sued to try to move the burial to York, but their suit was denied this morning. I guess this frees up the path for a sort of Richard III Festspiele in Leicester.

~ by Servetus on May 23, 2014.

12 Responses to “Collateral attractions: Richard III to be buried in Leicester”

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  2. Wonder of Richard will try to attend the funeral


  3. I dunno about RA but I will be trying my hardest to be there. This news has made my day!


  4. I’m really disappointed about this. I’m Leicestershire born and bred, but have lived in Yorkshire for the past 20+ years, and really believe that Richard’s body should be coming back to Yorkshire. We loved and respected him here; Middleham was his family home. I think Leicester Cathedral is motivated by the money generated from a popular tourist attraction. Undoubtedly York is too, but at least it fits in with the family and personal circumstances too. My friends in the RIII Society all agree too.


    • TBH, my personal position on this question is that bodies should be left where they are and not excavated at all. If it had been up to me, I’d have left him where he was (and would leave everyone else who’s been buried alone as well). But I know some important historical questions have been answered, and my context for my opinion is really different.


    • As someone with close affiliations with Leicester Cathedral I feel I have to say that to suggest they only want RIII for the money is unfair. I cannot speak for them and my thoughts on this are simply my opinion based on what I have seen and heard there over the last 2 years. Everyone is, of course, entitled to their own opinions on the matter but I would like to point anyone that doubts the cathedral’s sincerity to this blog from their RIII project team posted in response to the news:

      I feel I should also mention that any tourist attraction that generates money from this e.g. a RIII visitors’ centre, will do so for the City Council and not the church. The cathedral is free to enter and while they welcome donations, none are obviously requested.


      • Hi Kathryn, I didn’t mean to offend so apologies if I did. As you say, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And interesting that the body of someone so long dead should stir so many opinions! It was a great three-generation/Leicestershire/Yorkshire debate in our house over dinner this evening.
        Yes it’s interesting too that we feel the need to re-bury the bury in a current church, and mark the grave. I’m sure lots of people will visit, pay their respects and bring white roses. Perhaps it’s the long standing mystery of where the body was buried combined with the English thing about royalty. A bit of rooting for the underdog versus the might of the Tudor propaganda machine too.


        • Oh no, not offended, just have great affection for our cathedral and city, which are both so frequently dismissed. It was always going to be a contentious issue 🙂


          • Yes it bugs me how the Midlands in general are ignored: there is something between The South and The North in England which is just as noteworthy! I always get very cross when people describe RA as being from the north, or having a northern accent as well :-/.


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